Smiling with the Body

 Many meditation practices often invite a gentle return to the breath. Why? Because the breath is always there. It is a reliable occurrence that we can steady our focus upon.

The body is a reliable occurrence as well. You have one! And it’s breathing. Right now. 

The body responds to a gentle breath in the same way most of us respond to a smile: with allowance. In other words, we really want take it in. We want to receive it. Smiles make us feel good on a physiological, emotional, and mental level. They inspire happiness and receptivity. Similarly, the body is receptive to the life affirming nature of a breath. It’s so simple and sweet.

Today’s meditation offers gratitude to the body through gentle awareness and the care inherent in noticing. It is a wonderful way to tune into the vibration of allowing.


Smile Meditation – Day 3

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