Gently Expanding

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Watching the breath involves some effort, but not too much. It becomes a balancing act between not pushing too hard and not giving up completely. Once we arrive at the tip of the nose, we can gently allow our awareness to expand to the whole body breathing. The process might be called actively going with the flow.

The breath is a source of consistent, rhythmic activity. It’s a flow amongst flows. We are surrounded by activity. Life = activity. We are immersed in it. As awareness meets the breath and lingers alongside its gentle flow, it becomes entrained; it gathers momentum. And what does momentum look like in terms of awareness? Spaciousness.

Happy meditating.

Flow Meditation – Day 2

Note: if you are enjoying the online presentation of our meditation practice, you might consider an in-person retreat. Immersing yourself in continuous practice alongside other practitioners will not only deepen your experience, but may also have lasting effects on your state of mind, presence of heart, and general well-being.

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