Every aspect of you is designed to receive. As a conscious being, this is innate. You are also designed to move along with the expansive nature of the universe. As each new moment unfolds, you are presented with the opportunity to receive it, process it, and decide if you’d like more. And there’s always more.  We live in an abundant universe, one which constantly creates space for more.

Meditation allows us to become familiar with choosing where to land our awareness. It also allows us to observe when precious choices present themselves: what to allow in and what to let pass on by. Meditation creates space for this more-ness.

What are you allowing in? What are you creating space for? What moves into your periphery as you expand? Today’s meditation is an exercise is more silence; more space; more receptivity.

Happy meditating.

Soften, Open, and Receive Meditation – Day 2

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