Loving Kindness

We are all a part of the fabric of life… each and every one of us. Those we love. Those who challenge us. Those we admire. Those we fear. Those who inspire us. At times this human experience can seem merciless and at times it can seem blessed beyond belief; this is the warp and weft that creates the fabric of our existence.

As we offer ourselves loving kindness, we create a wellspring of goodness that is readily available to ourselves. From the heart, it becomes available to others and to all beings. As we offer ourselves loving kindness, we create. As we criticize, or harm ourselves or another, we destroy. 

Loving kindness meditations generate a positivity that reverberates across time and space and fortifies our interweaving experiences so that we may all participate in ways that support the greater good. The phrases used in this meditation are offered below:

May I be be safe and protected from harm.

May I be happy and have a peaceful and joyful heart.

May I be healthy and have a body that supports me with vitality.

May I live with the ease that comes from wellbeing.


Heart-Mind Meditation – Day 3

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