Silence, Stillness, and Satiety

Noticing is a skill. Noticing what? With practice, more and more. Noticing reveals the incredible abundance of life on earth. Why? Because there’s just so much to notice. How? It may have something to do with satiety; becoming aware of the fullness of a moment and noticing that the next moment is ready to be filled. What a skill!

Silence supports noticing. Stillness supports silence. Yet, within the stillness there is so much activity. Suddenly, we find ourselves noticing on a slightly different level. Awareness arises and meditation becomes magnetic. And what does it attract? It attracts the very next, most perfect, universally pre-selected, pristine and resoundingly inspired moment. And the next one is already being filled. Could this be the secret to wonder? Could this be the secret to joy? Could be.

Happy meditating!

Interlude Meditation – Day 2

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