What “all” has assembled to create this moment? Here. Now. What cooperative components have come together to allow you to read this post? Lots of parts, put together.

We may think of ourselves as shaped by our environment, or we may see it the other way around, meaning we create our experiences in this life, we assemble them, and thus we create the world around us.

Perhaps our inner-most self, in the form of emotions, thoughts, and spiritual nature, attracts the material components to build our day to day reality. Get real crabby in your expression from the moment you wake up and see what your world looks like by the end of the day! On the other hand, intend peace and choose harmlessness, and perhaps you’ll witness goodness, truth, and beauty unfold in front of you.

Establishing alignment in meditation is a wonderful way to be a conscious creator… and to notice the goodness, truth, and beauty that may very well be, in actuality, right in front of you.

Happy meditating!

Asana Meditation – Day 2

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