Monday’s meditation was an exercise in mindfulness. Today, we will focus on concentration (pun intended).

We’ll use a candle for this meditation. More specifically, we’ll use the candle’s flame and the sitting will be done with eyes open. So, if possible, take the time to fetch a candle and then settle into the audio introduction. Afterwards come back to these written instructions for today’s meditation:

  1. If it’s possible to darken your meditation space by dimming the lights or drawing the blinds, do so – that can be helpful. Make sure there’s nothing flammable around your candle and that it is in a proper holder and on a flat surface. It’s best if the flame is at eye level and about two feet away from you. Perhaps you could sit at a table for this meditation.
  2. Light the candle, get comfortable, smile and take a long slow deep breath (sounds familiar). Allow the flame to be the main focus of your attention. Hold your eyes steady there. You will blink often and maybe tear up a bit, no worries, simply keep your gaze on the flame… and breathe.

Fire can be hypnotic, its gentle dance is mesmerizing, There’s plenty to keep the mind occupied and your interest piqued. Yet, without fail, the mind will wander. Simply redirect your attention to the flame when this happens… your eyes are already there, just gently allow the mind to join them. You may find that thoughts begin to slow. You may find the flame so captivating that thoughts pass by unnoticed altogether and the mind left steady and concentrated. You may also find that steady concentration gives way to a buoyant sense of openness within field of awareness. This is the experience of samadhi, or wise concentration.


Mind Meditation – Day 2

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