Time, Curious Time

Today’s meditation was posted at 10am rather than 6am ET. Perhaps you are accustomed to receiving a new Living Awareness post in your email inbox on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning, bright and early. Perhaps your practice is set up to listen to this guided meditation at a set time each day. What a lovely opportunity to ponder this happenstance and have a look at your mind!

What are the qualities of the thoughts that are arose in your mind in response to this? How did you feel? Did you get agitated? Did you get concerned? Were you curious about what happened? Did it feel like a relief and opportunity to skip meditation for the day? Or was it a lovely opportunity to sit down and meditate in a new way?

Perhaps you don’t receive these meditations in your inbox at all and you have no idea what the heck I’m even talking about! Is that perturbing your thought-stream? Every moment is the perfect moment to observe and explore the mind!

Today we sit with the nature of the mind. Simply observing.

Happy meditating!

Asana Meditation – Day 3

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