A New Round Approaches

  September is shaping up to be a fantastic month at Spirit Fire. Our “Deepening” Living Awareness Retreat is one week away, September 7-9. We look forward to creating and sharing the group meditative field with this year’s participants at our meditation center in Leyden, Massachusetts. And the following week, on September 17th, we begin … More A New Round Approaches

Actualizing the Mantra

  Meditation reveals light in the mind. This shows itself in the form of creativity, hope, optimism, curiosity, inspiration, and ultimately… awareness. Meditation reveals light in our emotions. This shows itself in the form of happiness, light-heartedness, serenity, equanimity, cheerfulness, and ultimately… joy. Meditation reveals light in the body. This shows itself in the form … More Actualizing the Mantra

Arriving at Awareness

  Meditation offers us the opportunity to clear away distortions – to create clarity, which creates space for awareness. Ultimately, the result of all meditation practices is increased awareness. And with that comes a mindful approach to life, relationships, and ourselves.  We discover peace, along the way – detachment, wonder, compassion, wisdom, and well-being. The … More Arriving at Awareness

An Introduction to Step 14: Living Awareness

  We’ve arrived! The final week of meditations in this current round is here. The secret is, we’re arriving continuously. That’s the beauty of awareness. Each and every moment holds something new, something you’ve created as a result of your conscious presence. Establishing a ‘living awareness’ in your life serves to make each experience one … More An Introduction to Step 14: Living Awareness

Essential Exchange

  Why reinvent the wheel? This is a classic post and meditation from a few rounds back… it succinctly describes the apparatus which generates the toroidal flow of your awareness. Enjoy (again). The image above is representative of your energetic architecture. Think of it as your vibrational scaffolding. Each one of those dotted lines is … More Essential Exchange