Mental Noting

Soften, Open and Release – Day 2 The deeper we go into meditation, the more we can see into the distinct aspects of our reality and notice how often we get pulled away. A useful tool to help develop a discriminating awareness of our thoughts of reality, and an awareness of reality itself, is “mental … More Mental Noting

Gently Expanding

Flow – Day 2 Watching the breath involves some effort, but not too much. It becomes a balancing act between not pushing too hard and not giving up completely. Once we arrive at the tip of the nose, we can gently allow our awareness to expand to the whole body breathing. As always, we aren’t … More Gently Expanding

Coming Back Home

Tip of the Nose – Day 2: In meditation we are learning how to rest in awareness. The only issue is that our minds are not used to this idea. Our monkey minds would rather jump from branch to branch instead of sitting on the cushion. We need a technique to help stabilize the mind … More Coming Back Home

Voices in Your Head

Sitting with Voices in Your Head by Jake Carignan We all have a radio implanted inside our skulls that doesn’t seem to know how to stop. Sometimes it changes stations from an optimistic broadcast to a movie critic, a dramatic orchestrated piece or a fantasy writer’s dream far disconnected from reality. Our practice is to … More Voices in Your Head