Sensing Momentum

  The central channel utilizes our alignment and allows for spiritual energy to to move up and down the spine. Our spinal cord is the physical manifestation of this energy passageway… spinal fluid has been referred to as liquid light. If you call to mind the image of the caduceus, which is used to represent … More Sensing Momentum

Seed thoughts.

  Meditation is often plugged as bringing about “peace of mind” for the practitioner. This is true, but there’s more. Much more. Meditation is also concerned with mental receptivity. In this sense, meditation can be very creative. It can produce new thoughts, mental illumination, and inspiration. In meditation of this kind, sustained effort is applied … More Seed thoughts.

Radiance revealed.

  Conditions reveal the rainbow. With the right combination of sunlight and water droplets, the full spectrum of color comes forward as radiant magic. Sunlight always holds the potential of a rainbow. Today’s meditation reveals the radiant potential of the chakra system. Enjoy.   Downloadable Podcast: Central Channel – Day 2  

Expand and include.

  By Step 12 of the practice, we have options. Options are like fuel. They generate hope. Here are a few delightful acronyms that came to mind one day while meditating on hope: H.O.P.E. – Having Options Promotes Expansion H.O.P.E. – Harnessing Enthusiasm Provides Evidence Both are factual. We live in an abundant universe. As … More Expand and include.