Pondering Interludes

This is the final “pondering” of the week… the week that serves as an interlude between the first half and the second half of the practice. This short audio contemplates Week 7’s theme, interlude. We will return with Step 8 on Monday morning. Tomorrow will be an interlude… they really are everywhere! This series was … More Pondering Interludes

Pondering Heart-Mind

Meditation practice brings relationship to the forefront. What is our relationship to our thoughts? What is the relationship of our thoughts to our emotions? What is our relationship to the breath or to silence? These are all common meditation ponderings. At the center of each and every relationship (and every pondering) is Heart-Mind. We continue our series … More Pondering Heart-Mind

Pondering Release

We continue our series of daily contemplations on the first half of the current round of meditations within the Practice of Living Awareness. Today we consider Step 5: Soften, Open, Release. While this step offers a response to Step 4, it also offers the opportunity let go and be still. Release thought, release expectation, release … More Pondering Release