Circulating Goodness

  Heart-Mind Meditation – Day 2  In the mid-nineteenth century, scientists realized the Earth is a closed system, which means that the only thing that can be transferred with its surroundings is energy. It receives lots of energy from the sun, but its exchange of matter is near zero. That means that the elements in our environment … More Circulating Goodness

Heart-Mind Awareness

  Heart-Mind Meditation – Day 1  When we center our awareness in the heart, we are accessing the space within ourselves where we find our true presence; where we often put our hand when we refer to “I” or “me” in earnest. As we breathe and gently focus upon the heart, we begin to vibrationally … More Heart-Mind Awareness

The Middle Way

Heart-Mind joins two principles that underlie our reality: (one) that energy follows thought, and (two) that we are all part of a complex interdependent and interconnected community of life. As we begin to embody heart-mind, we begin to participate in creating a world in which cooperation, respect, and harmlessness move to the forefront of our … More The Middle Way

From the heart.

  Happy Valentine’s Day, from our heart to yours. You’d think we perfectly planned to be on Step 6 of the practice, Heart-Mind, on Valentine’s week. We didn’t. Some things just work out. Like you… your love… and the perfection of it all. Enjoy.   Downloadable Podcast: Heart-Mind – Day2

Step 6: Heart-Mind

  All meditation practices bring the idea of relationship to the forefront of awareness. What is our relationship to our thoughts? What is the relationship of our thoughts to our emotions? What is our relationship to the breath? These are all common meditation ponderings. At the center of each and every relationship (and every pondering) … More Step 6: Heart-Mind