Receptive and serene.

  The meditative experience is found in the allowing. It is found in the softening, opening, and receiving. When the body, mind, and spirit are receptive, we catch a glimpse of our innate interconnectedness. Connected to what? The ALL.  Happy meditating!   Downloadable Podcast: Soften, Open, and Receive – Day 1

Allowing begets revelation.

  Some words from the ever-wise Mike Dooley: “Most would never admit it, or they hide it from themselves, but everyone can sense God within. And once admitted, they can sense God in others.” Namaste… I soften to, open with, and receive your light.   Downloadable Podcast: Soften Open Receive – Day 3

Soften so as to open, open so as to receive.

  Step 4 within our meditation practice brings awareness to three powerful choices: softening, opening, and receiving. We’re innately trained to choose these actions – after all, we soften, open, and receive each breath that enters our body. Becoming intimate with this occurrence creates powerful shifts toward being fully present in the moment. Happy meditating.   … More Soften so as to open, open so as to receive.