Experiencing More

Soften, Open, Receive Meditation – Day 3. Every aspect of you is designed to receive. As a conscious being, this is innate. You are also designed to move along with the expansive nature of the universe. As each new moment unfolds, you are presented with the opportunity to receive it, process it and decide if you’d … More Experiencing More

Receiving the Offering

Soften, Open, Receive Meditation – Day 2. We are constantly receiving. During our waking hours our sensory perceptions are constantly translating our experience. At the same time, we are choosing where to land our awareness and what to allow in. Softening to an experience allows it to linger… it allows for appreciation. What are you … More Receiving the Offering

Softening the Body

  Soften, Open, Receive Meditation – Day 1. Our bodies are nurtured from the moment of conception. The body is receptive to the flow of life and sustinance inside the womb. It is nurtured throughout infancy: hunger is fed, thirst is quenched, cold is met with a blanket, cries are met with affection and love. … More Softening the Body

An Introduction to Step 4: Soften, Open, Receive

We receive a new breath every few seconds… there are great teachings within this natural occurrence. Softening and opening makes one receptive and magnetic to meditative experiences. As this step begins to permeate your awareness, you begin to sense whether you are rigid or soft, closed-off or open, defensive or accepting. Softening, opening, and receiving are … More An Introduction to Step 4: Soften, Open, Receive

Receptive and serene.

  The meditative experience is found in the allowing. It is found in the softening, opening, and receiving. When the body, mind, and spirit are receptive, we catch a glimpse of our innate interconnectedness. Connected to what? The ALL.  Happy meditating!   Downloadable Podcast: Soften, Open, and Receive – Day 1

Allowing begets revelation.

  Some words from the ever-wise Mike Dooley: “Most would never admit it, or they hide it from themselves, but everyone can sense God within. And once admitted, they can sense God in others.” Namaste… I soften to, open with, and receive your light.   Downloadable Podcast: Soften Open Receive – Day 3