Essential Exchange

  Why reinvent the wheel? This is a classic post and meditation from a few rounds back… it succinctly describes the apparatus which generates the toroidal flow of your awareness. Enjoy (again). The image above is representative of your energetic architecture. Think of it as your vibrational scaffolding. Each one of those dotted lines is … More Essential Exchange

You are becoming.

  Your are what you eat, right? This is a toroidal statement and a truthful one. The beautiful cloud in the photo above is the result of many cooperative components: the sea, the sun, heat, moisture, evaporation, atmosphere… and a photographer in the right place with the right equipment… you, with internet, a computer, and an … More You are becoming.

Lighted exchange.

  We are in a constant state of being and becoming. Becoming arrives into being and, alas, we are becoming again. This is the construct of our time/space existence and it magnificently grants us the freedom to create our own reality. That which your breathe into your being assists in your becoming. Breathe in your … More Lighted exchange.