Entry: Asana – Day 3


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Establishing balance is essential to effective action. Balance can mean the capacity to respond instead of react. It can mean employing right speech – are your words kind, true, and necessary? It can mean maintaining core physical strength – standing strong and grounded. All of these produce clarity, which means we have great facility with tapping into our inner-truth and purpose.

Once we find our center, everything else falls into place.


Entry Level – Asana Day 3 Meditation Podcast

Entry: Asana – Day 2


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Where does your body exist within space? That depends on what you mean by “your body.” Proper asana reflects alignment of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. As we come to sense the personal requirements for a comfort, equipoise, and focus and put that information to use, we open to door to shamatha, or peaceful abiding. From this balanced state we have access to the divine nature of our being and our body not only exists within an expanded space, it becomes one with that space. This week we are working on establishing such balance. Happy meditating.

Entry Level: Asana -Day 2 Meditation Podcast

Entry: Asana – Day 1


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With Step 8, we bring attention to the physical body. It is a common misconception that meditation is a way to escape or “check out” from physical reality. We would say that the contrary is true – that meditation is the full immersion into the now, and that includes the body, the mind, and the spirit.  As we more effectively include our body in meditation sittings, our meditations will immediately improve.

Asana is a sanskrit word that refers to one’s sitting position. We would extend that to include one’s posture in life. Our physical body is a resource, and when it is aligned and attuned to our subtle bodies, it will provide us with much information on our state of being.

Entry Level: Asana Day 1 Meditation Podcast

Entry: Interlude – Day 3


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The richness of an interlude is apparent through meditation. Is meditating not an interlude in and of itself? As we meditate we detach from outer activity – from rushing to and fro, from responding to life’s daily demands, from planning, from reminiscing, from tasking. Meditation offers an opportunity to go within, to observe and explore inner activity.

As we learn to still the body, emotions, and mind, we become at once receptive and generative; receiving all that the present moment has to offer and generating equanimity, balance, and peace. Establishing ‘peaceful abiding’ has been our goal thus far. It lays the foundation for access to the Higher Mind which includes aspects of creativity, intuition, insight, revelation, and illumination.

On this Interlude meditation we practice peaceful abiding and enjoy the fruits of our labor. Happy meditating!

Entry Level: Interlude Day 3 Meditation Podcast