Choose a Smile

  Smile Meditation – Day 3  Have you ever woken up in the morning to stressful thoughts about the day ahead which lead to a sour mood which then leads to obstacles great and small that seem to turn your whole day into a wretched mess? We all have. And then… someone graces you with a … More Choose a Smile

A Smile is a Bowl

  Smile Meditation – Day 2  Your smile will fill you with all that the present moment can bring… this is its design. It lifts and curves and catches. We’ll start every meditation with a smile so as to cash-in on this feature. What’s more, your time spent in meditation generates a universal smile in the … More A Smile is a Bowl

Delightfully Held

Smile Meditation – Day 3. The shape of a smile is quite common: raised at the edges and curved from side to side. It’s the shape of a bowl or a basin. It’s the shape of the hammock above… it has a similar function as well. A smile holds and supports; it contains and carries. … More Delightfully Held

Brightness revealed.

  The very fact that you can always offer a smile, to yourself or to someone else, celebrates a fundamental freedom that we all possess: the freedom to choose how to respond to a situation. It’s your life. It’s your experience. Choose to express the brightness of your being with a smile. Happy meditating.   … More Brightness revealed.

Step 1: Smile

  There is much to smile about. This introduction to the first step of The Practice of Living Awareness will make that clear! We discuss it’s placement within the practice, it’s esoteric significance, and the science behind the good vibrations that a smile provides. It’ll get you set up for this week’s meditations. Enjoy!   … More Step 1: Smile