Meditation reveals light, and light reveals our humanity. Meditation reveals light of mind which displays as creativity, hope, optimism, curiosity, inspiration, and ultimately‚Ķ awareness. Meditation reveals light in our emotions. This shows itself in the form of happiness, light-heartedness, serenity, equanimity, and ultimately‚Ķ joy. Meditation reveals light in the body. This shows itself in the … More Lightness

The Gift of Awareness

Meditation offers the possibility of clarity and spaciousness, both of which reside within the field of awareness. Peace also resides there – along with contentment, wonder, compassion, inspiration, wisdom, and well-being. The Practice of Living Awareness is designed to bring forward the spacious awareness that is innate in all of us. For this final step … More The Gift of Awareness

Putting It Into Practice

Awareness is ever-efflorescing, as are you. May the same hold true for your practice: consistently blossoming and blooming from moment to moment.  Fourteen weeks have passed since we began this current round of meditations with the Practice of Living Awareness. You might say, “We’ve arrived!” And you might acknowledge that we are always arriving: to … More Putting It Into Practice