The Middle Path to Living Awareness

A 5-Day Silent Meditation Retreat
​with Éowyn Ahlstrom & Steve Kramer
​April 15-20, 2023

Mindful awareness, together with a balanced approach to our experiences, can transform our sense of possibility and create a foundation for responding to the ordinary (and extraordinary) stresses of our lives.

In this retreat, we will practice a moment-to-moment mindfulness through the classic forms of sitting, walking, mindful movement and informal mindfulness throughout the day. By cultivating a curious, warm-hearted approach to whatever arises, we can discover inside ourselves the middle path toward being awake in our lives. 

This retreat is especially suitable for those who have taken MBSR, this retreat is inspired by the 8-week MBSR course themes and underpinnings. Spirit Fire and Middle Path Healing Arts are collaborating on this silent meditation retreat at Copper Beech Institute.

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