The Practice of Living Awareness

Cultivating consciousness in everyday life.

The Practice of Living Awareness

Welcome! The Living Awareness blog is dedicated to showcasing online meditations from the Practice of Living Awareness, Spirit Fire’s own meditation practice. It is a 14-step guided meditation program designed for every level of practitioner. The practice is online and always free.  Each step is simple and builds upon the one before.

We offer a new guided meditation every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Each new week explores a new step of the practice. Every round integrates beautifully with the last, in the same way that every step builds upon the one before.

Below are the most recent posts. You can search for meditations on any particular step in the footer or browse the collection from the menus above.  For more information on the Practice of Living Awareness and other programs offered by Spirit Fire, visit our website. Happy meditating!

The next round of meditations begins on Monday, March 6, 2023.