Entry: Mind – Day 3


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Inhalation & exhalation are the exchanges of breath. Inspiration & aspiration are the exchanges of the mind. As we aspire or stretch our awareness upwards toward finer vibrational states, we invite inspired thought-forms to make their way to the mind. With  solid ground established within our meditation practice, we can reach to the realms of intuition and co-creative imagination.

“I believe in intuition and inspiration. Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.” – Albert Einstein.

Entry Level: Mind – Day 3 Meditation Podcast 

Valley Gives: Generating Awareness for Nonprofits!


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We are excited to participate in Valley Gives 2017! This 24 hour giving day assists nonprofits in The Pioneer Valley in raising funds to support their mission. Please think of Spirit Fire on May 2nd and help us to cultivate consciousness in everyday life!

Valley Gives has made it their mission to help those focused on helping others. Each new day offers the opportunity to help one another in some way — at home, in the office, on the phone, on the street. Acting on this generates goodwill and and a robust heart. Seize this opportunity and give someone a hand. We all need it sometimes.

To be a giver and learn more about the awesome work of Valley Gives and Spirit Fire, click here.


Entry: Mind – Day 2


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Have we been experiencing the breath or observing the breath? Have we been experiencing the mind or observing the mind? Both. Experiencing and observing can be markedly different, though both collect data. As we experience, we register information with our perceptions in a subjective way. The data we receive as the observer feels a bit more objective. That’s because it is tinctured with the soul. Yes, the soul. The observer and the soul occupy the same vibrational space and both offer access to the highest aspects of our being.

This meditation offers a simple technique that switches on the observing mind. Enjoy.

Entry Level: Mind – Day 2 Meditation Podcast

Entry: Mind – Day 1


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All teachings that surround meditation have one clear purpose, which is getting to know the mind. Why? The Buddha would say that the source of our suffering is to be discovered within the mind. If we’re feeling stressed or worried, it originated in the mind. If we are overcome with grief, this suffering is produced by the mind. Conversely, if we are in love, or enraptured with joy, that experience arose from the mind.

Getting to know the mind is perhaps the most reliable path to freedom. It will not change the ups and downs of life, those are inevitable, but it will produce the freedom to choose our response to them… this is the purest freedom! Let’s get to know the mind.


Entry Level: Mind – Day 1 Meditation Podcast