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You’ve been meditating with us online, now experience group meditation at our retreat center in Leyden, Massachusetts. Our summertime meditation retreat is called “In Silence.” We’re going to turn-down the outside noise, tune-in to every sight, sound, and taste of the first days of summer, and turn-on the senses… all six of them.

This Living Awareness retreat will be led by Steve Kramer. It includes guided meditations based on The Practice of Living Awareness – all suited to every level of practitioner, mindfulness practices, creative time, nature time, and delicious farm fresh food. We hope you’ll join us! Visit our website for more information or click the link below to register now and reserve a spot.

In Silence: A Living Awareness Retreat
Where: Spirit Fire Meditative Retreat Center in Leyden, MA
When: June 23-25, 2017
Cost: $350, includes all meals

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Entry: Living Awareness – Day 3


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Fourteen weeks have passed and your bouquet is bursting, the banquet before you has been freshly laid out. Life awaits and awareness makes each and every moment that much more full. We have reached the final meditation of the final step of the latest round of The Practice of Living Awareness. It is my sincere wish that it has been a rewarding journey for you; it has been so for me. And since I seem to be harping on the wrap-up, lets ponder the last several guided breaths that have been completing our sittings all along:

We breathed light into the mind. We breathed light into our feeling nature. We breathed light into our physical body. We breathed light into our sense of self, and we realized ourselves to be light, breathing with, and in, the world.

Light integrates. Darkness separates. There is no judgement there, neither one is better or worse, in fact; one would not exist without the other. Sense walking through a garden on a bright sunny day – you feel connected to all that you see, primarily because your vision allows your to process all that is before you. It is accessible, you have choices, freedom. If it were dusk, there would be less “information” available. By nightfall, you would be dependent on your other senses that don’t rely on light for translation to explore all that the garden has to offer. I’m rambling…

As we breath light into the mind, and so on, we are ramping up the information available to us (sounds like awareness, huh?). We are also supporting integration. When the body, mind, and spirit become integrated, we have access to infinite amounts of information… we become light, breathing with and in the world. And as we breathe with the world, the world becomes light. AND as we pause before the bouquet or the banquet that is a lighted world – a profound quality arises: JOY. This is your birthright. And you’ve earned it.

Happy meditating.


Entry Level: Living Awareness – Day 3 Meditation Podcast


Entry: Living Awareness – Day 2


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These are amazing time we are living in. We are discovering more and more about our outer space and simultaneously we are discovering more and more about our inner space. What are we finding? Both are vast and mysterious… it seems the more we discover, the more we learn that there is THAT much more to discover. Sounds like life itself.

Every advancement affirms Einstein’s conclusion that everything is energy. He said, “What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter.” We human beings are simply collected energy, not unlike the stars… points of light.

Meditate, shine, outwardly, inwardly, enjoy.


Entry Level: Living Awareness – Day 2 Meditation Podcast