8b. Confidence from the Inside


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borobudur-at-sunrise-tour-buddhaThe uprightness of asana gives one the feeling of confidence and integrity from the inside. Give it a try. Straighten up, tuck in your tummy, and drop your shoulders. How do you feel?

That feeling of confidence is not generated from pride or arrogance but comes from integration of our body, emotions, and mind with an intention. Integration gives rise to integrity. Integrity is necessary for the more true type of confidence, inner confidence, to arise.

Asana in meditation practice helps one stabilize in a peaceful, alert, and concentrated state. Asana – an uprightness of body, character, and attitude – gives the same qualities to our day. Peacefulness translates to patience, ease, and peace of mind. Alertness is experienced as clarity, creative inspiration, or focus and follow through. Concentration is the ability to withstand simple distractions and keep oneself on track with the important things.


Downloadable podcast: Entry: Confidence from the Inside

8a. Posture and meditation


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Asana.001Good posture supports good meditation. The proof of that is you and your meditation. Evidence is also in the globally recognized image of someone sitting in lotus (cross legged) posture in meditation.

Posture brings benefit to one’s meditation practice when a few things are included in one’s siting posture.

  • back straight and extended as well as can be given age, injury, or condition of the spine. Imagine it, if for some reason vertical extension cannot happen for you.
  • sit up not in. In other words, sit on something that will lift your butt slightly higher than your knees. Do not sit on a couch or recliner for meditation unless an additional cushion is under you to lift you. Sitting in the depression of a soft cushion challenges being able to lift one’s consciousness and sustain height of awareness. It also tends to weaken the resolve for meditation and makes one sleepy.
  • tuck in the tummy muscles. A tightened tummy to begin the meditation decreases emotional activity as well as desires and thoughts that distract one. Throughout the sitting remind oneself to tuck in again (for the reasons stated) until you get used to less desire-activity in a meditation sitting. By then, this aspect of asana will be ingrained.
  • if sitting on a chair, have your feet on the floor/ground. If sitting in lotus asana, remember the ground underneath you as part of the settling.

Asana is significant to one’s meditation practice, whether that is a chair asana or lotus asana. The factors highlighted bring benefits to your meditation. Experiment and see for yourself!


Downloadable podcast: Entry: Asana 1

Intermediate: Perfect


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alignment.001This meditation was sublime. There are few words to type.

Alignment provides integration. Integration of all of our aspects and dimensions of consciousness, mind, awareness, and sentient response ensure that our fullness can be experienced and lived from. As we live from more of our fullness, the feelings of lack, or pride, or the desire for distraction fade away. Why? because we can live from fullness instead.


Downloadable podcast: Intermediate: Perfect

7c. The opportunity to choose


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intermediate 1 sunlight in hand.001Interlude is an empowerment that we can give ourselves. It is the pause of mindfulness. Interlude provides the space and time to choose peace or ease or kindness or respect or empathy rather than reaction or thoughtlessness.

This empowerment serves us on the meditation cushion by providing peace of mind due to peace in our actions, words, and thoughts through the day. Kindness makes others feel good and valued, and kindness makes us feel good too. Thus, when we sit for meditation, ease and happiness are the state of our mind and emotions.

Interlude is so powerful.


Downloadable podcast: Entry: Empowerment comes from within


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