Serving Mother Earth through recognition and appreciation


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168914displayWhen you look at the branches of a tree, do you also see a river and its tributaries, or the foraging paths of insects or beavers, or the arteries and veins of your body, or the nerves branching, or the neural pathways of thought and emotional processes? Equally, when you watch a documentary on neural pathways and brain plasticity, do you reflect on the sameness of design and energy intention manifesting in the root system of a plant, or the adaptability of nature overall?

When the seasons change (as is upon us now), do you contemplate the wonders of the north and south hemispheres of Earth, and that Autumn in the north is Spring in the South, with all the activity and distinct behaviors of trillions of animals, plants, and humans flowing to those changes? Furthermore, have you pondered the seasons as a form of breathing for the planet, with north and south hemispheres acting as the inhale and exhale points and the equatorial regions as the interlude?

Each Sunday, including through the interim between rounds of The Practice, we contemplate facets and expressions of Mother Gaia’s creation: the fullness of Earth, human life made possible because of Mother Gaia (literally – food, air to breathe, water to drink and to flow through our veins), and the similar designs that she uses over and over again in the full range of her earthly creation. Join us live Sunday at 10 am ET (register for the link to join), or honor Mother Earth with the meditation anytime through the week by podcast obtained here at this blog.

Each meditation offers fresh insights and points for appreciation like the examples above. If you have never thought about, noticed, appreciated, or expressed gratitude for such things, then the aliveness of LIFE all around and inside you is being missed. That we are alive is a wonder, that Earth gives us life is wondrous.

This meditation focuses on the Equinox this week.


Downloadable: Service: Equinox


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Intermediate: Unfolding Being


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black-swallowtail-from-side-close-2Life on Earth unfolds. Plants do it (leaves and flower petals), insects do it (wiggling out of cocoons or tree trunk burrows then letting wings dry and form), babies do it (the unfold through birth having unfolded and grown in the womb.

Living Awareness unfolds too. Consciousness, like wisdom, expands and matures through a life, using the events and circumstances to do so. If one is wise, one learns to live life with increasing awareness, caring for the needs of other which ensures the lasting needs of everyone are met – including oneself. If one is wise, one realizes that Awareness is as vibrant as the opportunities to demonstrate it, and that the limitless potential of a human being is only diminished by one’s thoughts of limitation.

Living Awareness becomes a growth-curve of softening and opening, giving and receiving. Living life this way, the trajectory is not measured by promotions or a corporate ladder. Rather, it is valued as an always-present laboratory for honesty, integrity, creative harmonious processes with others and the environment, and for joy.

As we complete this Round of the Intermediate practice, we unfold the qualities of Being and dynamically abide in and as that fullness.


Downloadable: Intermediate: Unfolding Being

14: Living It

mistress_insomnia_by_astra888leddher-d80795yIt is a joy to feel how easy living awareness can be brought into one’s life. Breathe, smile, breathe again, smile again. Somehow the simplicity of this practice seems incongruous with the results: greater ease through one’s day, increased peace of mind, a calmer and more rested emotional nature. We find that we are simply more comfortable with life – even with the challenges. Some how they are less assaulting, less troublesome, and easier to navigate.

A meditation practice is possibly the greatest gift that one can give oneself. It’s effects pervade one’s life. We are slowly made more smooth from the inside out – and smooth is good!


Downloadable: Entry: living it

Graphic: Mistress Insomnia from DeviantART