Intermediate: Perfect


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alignment.001This meditation was sublime. There are few words to type.

Alignment provides integration. Integration of all of our aspects and dimensions of consciousness, mind, awareness, and sentient response ensure that our fullness can be experienced and lived from. As we live from more of our fullness, the feelings of lack, or pride, or the desire for distraction fade away. Why? because we can live from fullness instead.


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7c. The opportunity to choose


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intermediate 1 sunlight in hand.001Interlude is an empowerment that we can give ourselves. It is the pause of mindfulness. Interlude provides the space and time to choose peace or ease or kindness or respect or empathy rather than reaction or thoughtlessness.

This empowerment serves us on the meditation cushion by providing peace of mind due to peace in our actions, words, and thoughts through the day. Kindness makes others feel good and valued, and kindness makes us feel good too. Thus, when we sit for meditation, ease and happiness are the state of our mind and emotions.

Interlude is so powerful.


Downloadable podcast: Entry: Empowerment comes from within

7b: Awareness as it is


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chinmudraMeditation practice is profound in its simplicity. Sit down, give yourself time and quietude for a chosen period of time, and simply engage the essence of the moment. This is the choice to do a sitting rather than the rehash that goes on in the mind.

To engage the “essence of the moment” requires

  • the subtlety that the five physical senses as well as the intuitive sense provides.
  • With practice (i.e. repetition),
  • openness to what already is present but usually not noticed or dismissed,
  • and genuineness toward the process and oneself,
  • meditation training and practice will awaken one to the fullness that already is.

The fact is that learning to meditate literally awakens one to what already is present in one and around one. As the subtle yet vibrantly present qualities of people, environments, and events are noticed, we feel like we’ve woken up to layers of meaning, harmony, and an understanding of causes. The feeling of victim or powerlessness starts to fade as a result. A practitioner stops looking for what he or she feels is missing, and instead begins to realize the ever-present fullness of one’s life and relationships (challenging as some of that might be).

Interlude is the opportunity in The Practice of Living Awareness to take notice and hang out in the qualities or sensations that one is noticing. As such, Interlude is a necessary step in learning to meditate as well as perfecting one’s practice. Interlude always awakens us to the more that is right now.


Downloadable podcast: Entry: Awareness as it is

Intermediate: Dimensions


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alignment.001As said in the introduction, alignment gives one access to the range of dimensions of pure Being. Every aspect of a human being is constantly emanating quality into the surrounding fields. Meditation trains one in quiescence, harmony, peace, and understanding. As such, one’s fields refine, purify, and seek a harmonious congruent state as a whole. Alignment is the most effective and efficient way to bring the dimensions and aspects of one’s being into an experienced wholeness.

Within the online practice, imagery is often used for its instructional value. The introduction explains some possible meanings of the symbolic image used for alignment and then we meditate and train.


Downloadable podcast: Intermediate: Dimensions


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