Tuesdays…Online Community Mindful Movement & Meditation

There has never been a more valuable time for mindfulness; we need our bodies to be healthy and flexible and we need our minds to be open and clear. Though we cannot be together in person, technology allows us to be together in new and meaningful ways. Please join us online every Tuesday morning at 10am beginning in June for alternating mindful movement with Lisa Harvey and meditation with Steve Kramer.

We are asking for a small donation for these offerings to support our organization during these challenging times. Visit Spirit Fire’s Upcoming Events page to register or email steve@spiritfire.com for the link to register. On behalf of Spirit Fire, we hope to see you there!


The Practice of Living Awareness

Welcome! The Living Awareness blog is dedicated to showcasing online meditations from the Practice of Living Awareness, Spirit Fire’s own meditation practice. It is a 14-step guided meditation program designed for every level of practitioner. The practice is online and always free. Each step is simple and builds upon the one before. We offer a new twenty-minute guided meditation three days per week. Each new week explores a new step of the practice; that’s 14 steps in 14 weeks… or 14 meditative tools to use on and off of the cushion. As each 14-step “round” comes to a completion, we take a short break and then start again from the beginning.  Every round integrates beautifully with the last, in the same way that every step builds upon the one before.

In addition, we provide two additional streams of meditations: Breathe and Light. Breathe meditations are led by Carol Martin. Light offerings are led by Martha Henry-MacDonald.

For more information on the Practice of Living Awareness, meditation retreats, and other programs offered by Spirit Fire, visit our website.


Are you new to The Practice of Living Awareness? Perhaps you would like to meditate with Steps 1 -14 on your own time. We’ve archived a complete round of meditations with specific instruction for those joining the practice for the first time. Simply choose the “Full Practice” option under the Practice of Living Awareness tab in the menu bar.