Entry: Soften, Open, Release – Day 1


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We continue our practice with Step 5: Soften, Open, Release. While this step offers a response to Step 4, it also offers the opportunity let go and be still. Release thought, release expectation, release anything that is not necessary at this moment. Release into presence.

Happy meditating!


Entry: Soften, Open, Release – Day 1 Meditation Podcast


Entry: Soften, Open, Receive – Day 3


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Tube-Torus-fieldStep 4 completes with this meditation and a bit of pondering… can we receive in the full presence and linger there? In other words, can you create the space for an experience, receive it and stay with it as it unfolds simply allowing and allowing and allowing. It can be challenging.

Everything eventually elicits a response; after all, we exhale in response to an inhale, but paying close attention to our built in capacity to soften, to open, and to receive can be a wonderful training. Spend some extra time taking it all in today… with a smile. You may be delighted by all that appears.


Entry: Soften, Open, Receive – Day 3 Meditation Podcast


Intermediate: the Vibration of Presence



We are beings of vibration. Everything about us is constantly chiming into and through existence. Likewise, vibrations from all sources are pouring through us. We are strings being played, and we also are the player.

Meditation provides a further refinement of our vibrations and the ability to understand, thus work with, them. We begin a cycle of meditations focused on being a Being of Vibration.


Downloadable: Inter: the vibration of presence