Your dynamic living awareness.


You’ve arrived. Celebrate.

The secret is, you arrive continuously. That’s the beauty of awareness. Each moment holds something new, something you’ve created as a result of your presence. Establishing a ‘living awareness’ in your life serves to make each experience one worth celebrating. And it is our hope that The Practice of Living Awareness has offered some tools to help you decorate for the ever-unfolding shin-dig.

Congrats on your discipline if you’ve been with us for the entirety of the round over the last fourteen weeks. Meditation is called a ‘practice’ for a reason. May it continue to offer you peace of mind, rejuvenation of spirit, and clarity all around. Here’s one more to wrap things up!

Happy meditating.

Downloadable Podcast: Living Awareness – Day 3

Entry: Living Awareness – Day 2



We often end our meditation podcasts by saying, “Enjoy your day… create it as you go.” That’s because life is a creative process. We are consistently met with the present moment and all that each previous moment has manifested which has led to this one. Like the breath, each coming and going sets the stage for a new cycle. And so it is as we wrap up our current round of meditations this week. It is our intention that each of the fourteen steps provides you with a tool to use in creating a greater sense of well-being in the world. May you have come to experience your mind as fertile ground for new ideas and inspirations.

“People say I have created things. I have never created anything. I get impressions from the Universe at large and work them out, but I am only a plate on a record or a receiving apparatus. Thoughts are really impressions we get from the outside.” Thomas Edison said this. Increasingly, we are tapping into the relationship between science and spirit, between scientists and spiritualists. Every correlation affirms Einstein’s conclusion that everything is energy. He said, “What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter.” We human beings are simply collected energy, not unlike the stars… points of light.

Meditate, shine, outwardly, inwardly, enjoy.


Downloadable Podcast: Living Awareness – Day 2

The basis of life is freedom.

Step 14


“I am a source of clear light.” Yes, clear light. Clarity is the result of clearing distortions away and clearing distortions away leads to awareness. Ultimately, the result of all meditation practices is an increase of awareness. There are many side-effects as well: mindfulness, peace, detachment, wonder, compassion, wisdom, well-being.

The Practice of Living Awareness is designed to bring forward the awareness that is innate in all of us. At this final step, Step 14, meditation has done its work because you have done yours. Learning to meditate requires a bit of time, right-effort, and dedication. More importantly, it requires the choice to give yourself something which only you can give – the gift of awareness. As that choice becomes forefront in your life, you become part of the energy that can change worlds.

Life is our practice of living awareness.


Downloadable Podcast: Living Awareness – Day 1

Essential exchange.



Don’t you look lovely in that photo above? Yes, you do. That’s the energetic architectural version of your consciousness-production machine (otherwise known as you). Each one of those dotted lines above is a chakra, and each charka is a torus (torus = that which creates a toroidal flow). If you are are blissed out over a relationship, your sacral chakra’s inflow and outflow may be dominant and the breadth of that particular torus may be quite large. The toroidal flow may extend through the neighboring chakras, influencing their inflow and outflow – or in other words, spreading the love and the vibes of your joyful relations. It’s a system of exchange.

As you breathe (another mighty system of exchange), energy moves up and down this spiral shape above (the ida and the pingalla labelled at the bottom). Each intersection of blue and purple lines meets at the “point of unity” we’ve been talking about at the center of the torus, which is the center of each chakra – and all of these “centers” run along the sushumna, otherwise known as the Central Channel (Step 12 of the Practice of Living Awareness).

The movement of your breath is like water through a waterwheel, rhythmically spinning each torus, generating energy, accessing Source or spiritual energy, unfolding awareness and allowing your experience to be new, creative, and inspired. Now you not only look lovely… you feel lovely, and you are lovely (though you were all along).

Don’t worry, you won’t be tested on all of this, but acknowledging the dynamic relationship between the breath and your awareness is really important. So important that we haven’t stopped talking about it since Day 1.

Happy meditating!


Downloadable Podcast: Toroidal Flow – Day 3