Generative: All Taras, all Mothers, skakti-rigpa


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White TaraGenerative meditations within The Practice elicit that which is within: all the qualities of our enlightened nature. Anyone is welcome to use the meditations posted as reminders, but those who commit to the Generative Stage level of practice are committing to BE. We are dedicating our daily life to be an expression of the Good, the True, and the Compassion that a human being is at essence. Each person chooses how to do that: through reinforcing a quality of Presence-Being such as patience or ever-present kindness or compassion. Many people choose a deity as a reminder, a teacher in the moment, as that which one emulates and thus increasingly brings forward. No matter what the personal method, if one commits to generating Awareness-Being, one commits to his or her whole range of potential Good.

This meditation uses facets from the classical Tibetan generation stage model. Adapted to be used by anyone, this meditation is nonetheless deep and powerful. If used with repetition, one would find oneself increased in Awareness-Being. That would give rise to care for others and the wish to dedicate pure being to the well-being of others.

Download this one, and use it from your iPod.


Downloadable: Generative: all Taras

3c: The flow of the moment


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Two good friendsThe choice is ours on how to flow with a moment. One of the great discoveries within a meditation practice is that …. life isn’t really about oneself! Choices of reaction that reinforce personalization and drama make things about oneself which aren’t. Yet, the choice of response with patience, or with appreciation for the situation that others are experiencing, or with courtesy and kindness will dissolve any personalization and delete the sense of drama.

Sound boring? Hope not.

Life flows. Breath comes in, breath goes out. Time evaporates, and stress is often self-made. Choose flow, choose breath, choose your practice and make the world a better place.


Downloadable:Entry: the flow of moment

Intermediate: a technique for all levels


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In the recent Oklahoma meditation retreat, I taught a technique that will result in tranquility and presence. In other words, it will bring about the foundational meditation experience of shamatha (tranquil or peaceful abiding).

Patanjali and Buddha Shakyamuni, the two great sources of meditation training, agree that the foundation of all states and levels of meditation is shamatha. Unto itself, shamatha is delicious and vibrant. The experience is a state of peace, stability, and ease. For the beginner meditator, this state might last only seconds at first, but the experience is unmistakable and is the carrot that keeps the person coming back to the cushion. For the middle-range meditator, once shamatha arises it can be sustained for minutes before thoughts float through the peaceful mindstream like clouds in the sky. Like a child chasing bubbles, however, the middle-range practitioner will follow the clouds without realizing it, and … poof … the state disappears.

bigstock-man-meditating-in-a-park-is-20541419With practice, the state of contented mind at ease in the moment and present can be elongated. The time and space expands between the coalescing of cloud-like arising thoughts in the sky-like mind, and peaceful stability – vibrant, radiant, and pure – will remain so until the personal mind interrupts it.

Shamatha is the ground upon which all meditative states and levels of meditation are built and thus all samadhis and all emptinesses are born from. Without shamatha, there is no meditation. In The Practice of Living Awareness, the first seven steps break down how to establish oneself in this necessary and potentially profound ground. Here in this Intermediate meditation, the essential instruction is given.


Downloadable: Intermediate: a technique for all levels