Intermediate: States of meditation


child-monk-levitatingAnd advancing practice of meditation requires more of the practitioner but also bears appropriate results. If the preliminary practices are understood and ingrained in the meditator, then the habits of meditation begin to take over and lead to a ripening of meditative states. The states, themselves, will depend on what aspects of meditation have come easily for the practitioner, for instance, light, vibrational refinement, serenity, centeredness, clarity, penetrating perception, and such. Each of these can open into a corresponding meditative state.

We explore this a bit in the experience of this meditation.


Downloadable: Inter: states of meditation

14b: Chakra lights



The joy of the final step of The Practice Entry level is that we can meditate with any aspect of our practice. The chakras (or centers) and the central channel comprise this meditation.

Such a meditation as this could be done daily for a year and would not be time wasted. Each of the sacred centers (chakras) holds to key to psychological and emotional states, ways in which the mind can be directed and used, spiritual states, as well as particular vibrational qualities. In a short meditation such as this one, a taste or a hint is all that is possible, but that might be enough to encourage a practitioner to get to know his or her insides in order to better understand how the centers organize one’s life.


Downloadable: Entry: Chakra light

Intermediate: Living as a Wheel of Radiance


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With the Intermediate practice, we work with energy, inside and all around us, in a variety of ways. Some include:

  • the energy of gratitude, wonder, and gladness. These lead to the experience of less personalization, less drama, less stress, and more appreciation for people, events, and circumstances in our life. These are perfect in the role of teacher, teaching, and opportunity for awareness-compassion.
  • the energy of sacred sound and sacred word. There is much to explore with sacred mantra: the meaning of each syllable, the qualities of pure being and compassion that are behind, represented, and invoked by the mantra, as well as oneself as a vibrating being sounding through existence. This leads to the truth that cosmos is also a vibrating, dynamic whole that is sounding sacredly and energetically.
  • the energy of one’s body, thus of phenomenal existence. Stemming from the above points, one’s meditative capacity for Awareness and states of Being become more factual and begin to repeat as experiences in one’s practice. Due to these, one begins to perceive beyond the form of oneself, beyond the labels that daily expression is predicated upon and, instead, to perceive the energy and radiance that is demonstrating through existence.

golden_path_by_mysticalmikeGood things take time. These illuminations take practice on and off the cushion, but are accessible to any practitioner because these points are factors of reality which meditation reveals.


Downloadable: Inter: Being a Wheel of Radiance