Flowing Forward

Have you ever watched a jazz musician become the music as if they were a channel for spontaneous audible genius from on high? Have you ever watched a gymnast tuck, twirl, flip and fly through the air in ways that seem to defy physics? When performers are expressing at very high levels of potential and … More Flowing Forward

Gently Expanding

Watching the breath involves some effort, but not too much. It becomes a balancing act between not pushing too hard and not giving up completely. Once we arrive at the tip of the nose, we can gently allow our awareness to expand to the whole body breathing. The process might be called actively going with … More Gently Expanding

The Stream of Flow

Day flows into dusk which flows into night. Night becomes dawn which flows into day. We just experienced summer flowing into autumn. Youth flows into adulthood. Migrating animals follow the flow of available resources. Words flow from an inspired writer’s pen. Flow is fundamental to each and every aspect of life. Life is flow, steady … More The Stream of Flow