About Spirit Fire

The Practice of Living Awareness meditations are brought to you by Spirit Fire.

Founded in 2001, Spirit Fire is an educational non-profit whose mission is to cultivate spirituality and educate people on the importance of consciousness in their everyday life.

We promote our mission through:

  • The Practice of Living Awareness: Our 14-step meditation program is free to anyone and teaches the individual mindfulness through guided meditation. With practice one learns to tame the over-active mind and exchange the cluttered thoughts of daily life with a conscious, focused mind that allows for the spaciousness and insight of awareness.
  • Programs and classes focused on conscious living through awareness. This is achieved by encouraging a deeper, fuller understanding of one’s self. Our classes and retreats are designed to provide you with tools that will help you discover, develop, and refine that awareness.

Visit our website for more information at www.spiritfire.com.