Matters of the Heart

Heart-Mind – Day 3: On Friday’s posts, we’ve been pondering aspects of meditation through podcast-style discussions. This week, Jake and Steve talk about Loving Kindness meditation… the challenges and the perks. They also talk about the importance of offering ourselves a little kindness during meditation sits. As the saying goes, the longest journey you will … More Matters of the Heart

Being with Kindness

Heart-Mind – Day 2  Election Day certainly has the potential to default us toward focusing on our differences rather than our commonalities; on that which separates us, rather than that which unites us. “The day after” is the perfect opportunity to generate some heart-focused positivity. A loving-kindness meditation reminds us to see ourselves in others … More Being with Kindness

Loving Kindness Meditation

Heart Mind Meditation – Day 3  Heart/Mind combines the unifying qualities of unconditional love with the expansive qualities of inner-wisdom. Love and wisdom are foundational aspects of consciousness and both are put to right use in the Loving Kindness Meditation. The words to this guided meditation are pictured above. Each stanza is read three times, … More Loving Kindness Meditation

Loving Kindness

Heart-Mind Meditation – Day 3 As the national US election nears, it is easy to default to focusing on our differences and on that which separates us. It is the perfect time within the practice to generate some heart focused positivity and offer it to those in need… most likely each and every one of … More Loving Kindness

Heart Connection

Heart-Mind Meditation – Day 2 When we center our awareness in the heart, we are accessing the space within ourselves where we find presence; where we often put our hand when we refer to “I” or “me” in earnest. As we breathe and gently focus upon the heart, we begin to expand and include. The … More Heart Connection