Universal Light

Let’s go galactic. Better yet, let’s go UNIVERSAL… and beyond. Within the light of the mind anything is possible. Today’s meditation one of our favorites and one we like to share at this point in the practice. It is a journey into the realms of the creative imagination, where your luminous self sits in waiting for … More Universal Light

Luminous Exchange

Light is nature’s way of transferring energy and information through space. And oh, how it moves through space! The sunlight that allows us to perceive the natural world around us actually left the sun ten minutes prior to reaching our eyes. Light is traveling within us and through us as well. Biophotons, which are the … More Luminous Exchange


Light reveals. A luminous mind reveals insights and inspirations which can lead to a sense of hopefulness, wonder, or contentment. A direct doorway to luminosity is the simple act of appreciation.  As yesterday was Mother’s Day, perhaps you appreciated your mom. Appreciation opens the mind to goodness and allows for lingering. Perhaps lingering on thoughts … More Luminous