Life is flow.

  Day flows into dusk which flows into night. Night becomes dawn which flows into day. Youth flows into adulthood. Migrating animals follow the flow of available resources. Words flow from an inspired writer’s pen. Flow is fundamental to each and every aspect of life. Life is flow – steady and continuous, like the breath … More Life is flow.

Step 3: Flow

  “The Tao gives birth to One. One gives birth to Two. Two gives birth to Three. Three gives birth to all things.” This is from verse 42 of the Tao Te Ching, and so it is that all things flow from Three. We’re on week three of The Practice of Living Awareness, flowing along. We will come to … More Step 3: Flow

Follow your nose.

We experience the outside world with our senses; we hear it, touch it, see it, taste it, smell it. They help us navigate the terrain and inform our choices. Meditation allows us to give our sensory organs a rest from their usual roles… the eyes catch a break from judging proportion and tracking movement; the … More Follow your nose.

Taking it all in.

  The essence of this week’s theme, Tip of the Nose, is captured in the photo above. This child is still, focused, captivated, and fully present. Perhaps the outer environment is crowded and hectic, and needless to say, the plane is moving 600 mph… but no worries there because from this perspective, there’s nothing to … More Taking it all in.

The meeting place.

  We meet here again on the Living Awareness blog. Spectacular! Meeting places can be quite specific. Perhaps you have readied yourself for meditation in a specific place; perhaps a designated “peace” zone for an allotted time each week which allows for quiet reflection, your own specific meditation place. Spectacular, again. This week we are … More The meeting place.

Brightness revealed.

  The very fact that you can always offer a smile, to yourself or to someone else, celebrates a fundamental freedom that we all possess: the freedom to choose how to respond to a situation. It’s your life. It’s your experience. Choose to express the brightness of your being with a smile. Happy meditating.   … More Brightness revealed.