Loving Kindness

  Heart-Mind Meditation – Day 3. Heart-Mind combines the unifying qualities of unconditional love with the expansive qualities of inner-wisdom. Love and wisdom are foundational aspects of consciousness and both are put to right use in practicing a loving kindness meditation. The words to this guided meditation are pictured above. Each stanza is read three … More Loving Kindness

The Path of the Heart

  Heart-Mind Meditation – Day 2. The diaphragm separates the solar plexus chakra and the heart chakra. This muscle represents a great divide on many levels. Physiologically it separates the bulk of the digestive system from the respiratory system and the upper body from the lower; vibrationally and esoterically, it separates the realm of the personality … More The Path of the Heart

The Lightness of Letting Go

Soften, Open, Release Meditation – Day 1. Release fear. Release doubt. Release balloons. Release a giggle. Release control. Release the brakes. Release duplicates. Release your cable television. Release expectations. Release every grudge. Release the door. Release tension. Release the top button. Release trout. Release the breath… presence follows. Happy meditating!   Downloadable Podcast: Soften, Open, … More The Lightness of Letting Go