Timely Release

It is autumn in New England and this year the leaves are especially dramatic. Each day the landscape is made new as fresh colors splash across the tree line and leaves toss about in the wind like confetti then land to create ever-new, ever-colorful, ever-changing ground cover. It is a spectacle that I look forward … More Timely Release

The Art of Allowing

  To accompany today’s meditation, I’d like to offer a question posed in a note from The Universe (as provided by the ever-inspiring Mike Dooley). It says everything about the art of allowing… “Tell me, what advice would you give a child who came to you asking what their favorite color should be?  To follow … More The Art of Allowing


  The definition of inspire is: to fill (someone) with the urge or ability to do or feel something, especially to do something creative. This word is derived from the Latin  word inspirare meaning: breathe or blow into; from in (into) + spirare (breathe); to excite, to inflame; to put life into the human body. May it be … More Inspirare

The Softening

    Step 4 within the practice brings awareness to three powerful choices: softening, opening, and receiving. Our physiology chooses these for us every time we breathe. We receive oxygen on every inhale, all day and all night, consciously or unconsciously. Becoming intimate with this occurrence creates powerful shifts toward being fully present in the moment. “We … More The Softening

The Ever-Present Flow

    Flow Meditation – Day 2. Are you able to go with the flow? Do you meet change with open-mindedness and little resistance? Fact is, adaptability is essential to our longevity; at very least, it helps us get through the day with ease. Practicing flow helps us cultivate lots of positive qualities – a willingness to … More The Ever-Present Flow

The Rhythm of Three

    Flow Meditation – Day 1. We begin Week 3 with a familiar concept – flow. We have all experienced flow. Time flows. Rivers flow, Breath flows. The number three has a way of supporting rhythm and flow. All colors flow from the three primary colors of blue, red, and yellow. The genie grants three wishes … More The Rhythm of Three