Seed Thoughts for the Chakras

Anodea Judith, who has spent a lifetime educating people on the dynamics of the chakra system, created the wonderful acronym,” CHARGE,” to describe the chakras, which stands for Consciousness Having A Really Genuine Experience. (That’s two acronyms in one week!) Indeed, your chakra system “charges” you with conscious goodness, and it even puts you “in charge” of creating your reality. … More Seed Thoughts for the Chakras

Having Options

By Week 12 of the Practice of Living Awareness, we have options. Options are like fuel. They fire us up with hope. Here’s a delightful acronym that came to mind one day while meditating on the abundance of options we have in any given moment: H.O.P.E. – Having Options Promotes Expansion It is factual. We … More Having Options