Time, Curious Time

Today’s meditation was posted at 10am rather than 6am ET. Perhaps you are accustomed to receiving a new Living Awareness post in your email inbox on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning, bright and early. Perhaps your practice is set up to listen to this guided meditation at a set time each day. What a lovely … More Time, Curious Time


Monday’s meditation was an exercise in mindfulness. Today, we will focus on concentration (pun intended). We’ll use a candle for this meditation. More specifically, we’ll use the candle’s flame and the sitting will be done with eyes open. So, if possible, take the time to fetch a candle and then settle into the audio introduction. … More Samadhi

Meeting Your Mind

In the same way that weight training works primarily with the body, meditation works primarily with the mind. Will the mind be supported by a dedicated gym routine? Indeed! Will a variety of aspects of our lives be supported by a dedicatd meditation practice? Totally. Could it be that this is because the mind is … More Meeting Your Mind