Let Your Light Grow

  You are a point of light – a divine spark of the light Divine. Your Personality doesn’t really know or care about this aspect of you however. So your challenge is to create in meditation a link to your Higher Self (or Soul’s) energy so that your light can grow.   Downloadable Podcast: Meditation … More Let Your Light Grow

Just “Be” with Your Breath

  Meditation is an opportunity to just “be”. In meditation, as the Observer, you are beyond your body, your feelings, your thoughts, yet still connected and present to your self. In essence you are also beyond your many unconscious interference patterns. To name one lets pick “being busy”.   Downloadable Podcast: Meditation 6


  Understand why ♥ Chakra energy is “prime real estate” energetically. Do you want to create a sacred space where your Soul begins to speak to you? Letting go of expectations can be hard. What about our feelings? This weeks meditation works with the energy of your emotional body.   Downloadable Podcast: Meditation 3 – … More Feelings

The Observer

  Observing 4 breaths for a period of time is a good fundamental exercise and a way to “learn to meditate”. This week’s meditation will focus more on the Observer within You and your physical body. Energetically the Observer connects directly to the Soul and while your consciousness is resting here in your being it … More The Observer