Embracing the All

Energy follows thought; this is a fact. Another way to say this is that our thoughts shape our reality. As we stretch our mental muscles and hold ourselves, our family and friends, our planet, or our universe within the light of the mind and see them exactly as we’d like to see them, we immediately … More Embracing the All

We Are More

A dimly lit room allows for general vision – you can see objects and have a general idea of the space. As you turn the light up on the dimmer switch, everything becomes clearer and you may see objects that you hadn’t seen before. Details emerge. As we generate the light of mind in meditation, … More We Are More


Light reveals. A luminous mind reveals insights and inspirations which can lead to a sense of hopefulness, wonder, or contentment. A direct doorway to luminosity is the simple act of appreciation.  As yesterday was Mother’s Day, perhaps you appreciated your mom. Appreciation opens the mind to goodness and allows for lingering. Perhaps lingering on thoughts … More Luminous