The Perch

  Tip of the Nose Meditation – Day 2. There’s so much to take in as we are perched. Today’s meditation takes us to the perch where we notice the usually not noticed. Observation is an activity made possible by stillness. Noticed and not noticed, activity and stillness, inner and outer, breath coming and breath … More The Perch

Delightfully Held

Smile Meditation – Day 3. The shape of a smile is quite common: raised at the edges and curved from side to side. It’s the shape of a bowl or a basin. It’s the shape of the hammock above… it has a similar function as well. A smile holds and supports; it contains and carries. … More Delightfully Held

A New Round Approaches

  September is shaping up to be a fantastic month at Spirit Fire. Our “Deepening” Living Awareness Retreat is one week away, September 7-9. We look forward to creating and sharing the group meditative field with this year’s participants at our meditation center in Leyden, Massachusetts. And the following week, on September 17th, we begin … More A New Round Approaches

Soul, breathing.

  “The soul is the core of your being. It is eternal. It doesn’t exist in space-time. It is a field of infinite possibilities, of infinite creativity. It is your internal reference point with which you should always be in touch.”   – Deepak Chopra May the tools that you have acquired over the last … More Soul, breathing.

Connecting to livingness, generating joy.

  Happiness has a liveliness to it; it creates momentum. When we’re really happy, we want to yodel down the mountain! As we spiral up the emotional scale, we get closer to feelings that become tinctured with aspects of the mind… appreciation, empathy, compassion, wonder, and joy. In particular, joy engages the observer mind… the … More Connecting to livingness, generating joy.

You are becoming.

  Your are what you eat, right? This is a toroidal statement and a truthful one. The beautiful cloud in the photo above is the result of many cooperative components: the sea, the sun, heat, moisture, evaporation, atmosphere… and a photographer in the right place with the right equipment… you, with internet, a computer, and an … More You are becoming.

Lighted exchange.

  We are in a constant state of being and becoming. Becoming arrives into being and, alas, we are becoming again. This is the construct of our time/space existence and it magnificently grants us the freedom to create our own reality. That which your breathe into your being assists in your becoming. Breathe in your … More Lighted exchange.

Seed thoughts.

  Meditation is often plugged as bringing about “peace of mind” for the practitioner. This is true, but there’s more. Much more. Meditation is also concerned with mental receptivity. In this sense, meditation can be very creative. It can produce new thoughts, mental illumination, and inspiration. In meditation of this kind, sustained effort is applied … More Seed thoughts.

Radiance revealed.

  Conditions reveal the rainbow. With the right combination of sunlight and water droplets, the full spectrum of color comes forward as radiant magic. Sunlight always holds the potential of a rainbow. Today’s meditation reveals the radiant potential of the chakra system. Enjoy.   Downloadable Podcast: Central Channel – Day 2  

Expand and include.

  By Step 12 of the practice, we have options. Options are like fuel. They generate hope. Here are a few delightful acronyms that came to mind one day while meditating on hope: H.O.P.E. – Having Options Promotes Expansion H.O.P.E. – Harnessing Enthusiasm Provides Evidence Both are factual. We live in an abundant universe. As … More Expand and include.


  Winter is waning here in New England and only a few patches of snow remain. The sun lingers a little longer each day and the ground is beginning to soften and warm. Soon sprouts will appear on the topsoil, buds will appear on the trees, and green will return to dominate the landscape. Plants … More Upward.

As above, so below.

  Expression elicits an equal and opposite response. We learn this in physics. We experience this in relationships. And we’ve observed this with the breath: every inhale is followed by an exhale; receiving is followed by releasing. This week we respond to the light of mind with the ground of being. Happy meditating!   Downloadable … More As above, so below.

Seeing more.

  It takes alignment and receptivity to see beyond the shell of things. I was with my mom one day in downtown Harrisburg, where I grew up. We liked to go there in the afternoon to people-watch, sit by the river, and enjoy each other’s company in the outdoors. On our way back to the … More Seeing more.

Luminous adventuring.

Light is nature’s way of transferring energy and information through space. And oh, how it moves through space! The sunlight that allows us to perceive the natural world around us actually left the sun ten minutes prior to reaching our eyes. Within us, light is traveling as well. Biophotons, which are the electromagnetic byproduct of … More Luminous adventuring.

Soul light.

  Have we mentioned the soul yet? Perhaps not. The word soul derives from the Gothic saiwala and the Old German saiwalo, both meanings speak of origins; it is also connected etymologically with the greek aiolos, which means ‘quick moving,’ ‘twinkling,’ or iridescent,’ and with the latin anima, meaning ‘wind.’ Breath, source, and light: we’ve … More Soul light.

Above the clouds.

  There are levels of density to everything in our world… seen and unseen. Ice is denser than water. Water is denser than steam. The density of a substance is the relationship between the mass of the substance and how much space it takes up… or, simply put, how tightly it’s packed in. Emotions have … More Above the clouds.

Step 9: Mind

    Any meditation training, essentially, is time spent getting to know the mind. This is done by first observing it and then becoming friends with it. An unruly mind leads to suffering, the Buddha suggested this 2,000 years ago and, today, science has proven it. Dr. Daniel Siegel of the UCLA Mindfulness Awareness Research Center … More Step 9: Mind

Finding the center.

  Here we are at the center of the practice. As we begin Step 8, we are at the half-way mark. Glorious! Seven meditation steps lie behind us, seven meditation steps lie ahead of us and here we are in the middle… beautifully balanced between what was and what will be. In this particular moment, … More Finding the center.

Step 8: Asana

  The body is a vessel. It receives. It receives all day and all night. It receives food and water; it receives words and visuals, sounds and ideas. It receives hugs and smiles and sometimes it receives aggression and sadness. Your body receives the news of the day and the soundtrack in you headphones. Your … More Step 8: Asana

Practicing pranayama, practicing presence.

  Pranayama is the formal practice of controlled breathing. There are many techniques… each one is as accessible and beneficial as the breath itself . Squared breathing is one of those techniques and it has a calming effect. It engages the parasympathetic nervous system, which is often referred to as the body’s rest & digest system. Typically … More Practicing pranayama, practicing presence.

Join us for a Living Awareness Meditation Retreat

  If you’ve been enjoying your online practice and would like to experience meditation in a setting designed to support your sittings, consider visiting our meditative retreat center in Leyden, Massachusetts. We offer four Living Awareness Meditation Retreats each year. Each one highlights a different aspect of The Practice of Living Awareness. Our next retreat, … More Join us for a Living Awareness Meditation Retreat

Ripples of awareness.

  We will work with interludes this week, which means we will be paying attention to the space between. The space between thoughts. The space between breaths. The space between moments. Once again, we find ourselves allowing. Allowing the precious space between to become the noticed space. In doing so, a new space arises as the … More Ripples of awareness.

Step 7: Interlude

  The beauty of Step 7 is to allow Steps 1 through 6 to find their productive connectedness in the whole of your meditation practice. Interludes work beautifully in that regard; they are integrative. The number 7 itself signifies synthesis, wholeness, and completion. 7 days come together to create a week. 7 colors form the … More Step 7: Interlude

From the heart.

  Happy Valentine’s Day, from our heart to yours. You’d think we perfectly planned to be on Step 6 of the practice, Heart-Mind, on Valentine’s week. We didn’t. Some things just work out. Like you… your love… and the perfection of it all. Enjoy.   Downloadable Podcast: Heart-Mind – Day2

Step 6: Heart-Mind

  All meditation practices bring the idea of relationship to the forefront of awareness. What is our relationship to our thoughts? What is the relationship of our thoughts to our emotions? What is our relationship to the breath? These are all common meditation ponderings. At the center of each and every relationship (and every pondering) … More Step 6: Heart-Mind