A Gentle Notion

Today we begin a new round of meditations. A new round. A new day. A new moment. Yet, the possibility for some gentleness, peace, and openness remains. It has always been there and will always be there. Gentleness, peace and openness: these can be the qualities of this moment and any moment. We can create … More A Gentle Notion

A Short Introduction

We are excited to begin a new round of meditations on Monday. The audio below offers some details about the practice and some simple suggestions, should you be new to meditation or new to the Practice of Living Awareness. We’re glad that you’re here! Happy Meditating! An Introduction to the Practice

Thank You

The current round of meditations ended with last Friday’s meditation, “Lightness.” Thank you for your time in meditation. We often offer gratitude for your practice. We do this because we know the difference that meditation can make in one’s life, which makes a difference in the lives that they touch, which makes a difference in … More Thank You