Inspiration and Motivation

A book recommendation to begin:The Salmon in the Spring, the ecology of Celtic spirituality by Jason Kirkey. Put it on your holiday gifts-to-receive list! A bit about it is said at the beginning of the podcast. This book is congruent with the intentions of the Sunday World Service meditations because the emphasis is on the … More Inspiration and Motivation

The Jewel of the Suns

Mother Gaia is well represented by Theotokos, the Greek icon of the Divine Mother with mature Christ Child. In the Greek presentation, Holy Mother is always mature, regal, and aware. She is the earth of one’s life and circumstances from which we must bring forth compassion as action with equal maturity. We, like the child-Christ … More The Jewel of the Suns

More Layers of Meaning (Christmas)

What if the shepherds are disciples and those of initiated consciousness quietly working in the fields of human endeavor? What if Joseph represents the Father in Heaven, Sanat Kumara? What if Mary symbolizes Mother Gaia and newborn Christ represents humanity – always brand new and becoming? The birth story is told and retold every year, … More More Layers of Meaning (Christmas)