Meditation Instruction through Imagery: 3

The nakedness of both of Samantabhadra/Samantabhadri represents the nature of Mind stripped of conceptions and mental habits. Mind is not our mind anymore than the air is our air. This is discovered as the meditator, through a mindfulness practice, experiences how fully one’s thoughts and feelings are permeated by self-story. We experience that our thinking … More Meditation Instruction through Imagery: 3

Meditation instruction through imagery: 2

Samantabhadri (female/feminine energy) represents the responsive nature of Mind. This means that she represents all manner of responses from coarse reactiveness to cravings and desire, to the response of empathy and compassion, to pure Awareness as omnipresent clear omniscience. Mind, then, is to be understood as the ground from which response or reaction spring. The … More Meditation instruction through imagery: 2

Meditation instruction through imagery: 1

Tibetan thangkas are one form of world mystical art that convey layers of teaching. The image before us is Samantabhadra. It represents two beings or two qualities that ultimately are inseparable. The image of Samantabhadra/dri is simple: a generic unadorned male buddha blue-black in color meditating with a sinewy white female buddha arising. Proportionally she … More Meditation instruction through imagery: 1