Inside Out

  Guidance on the path of life can be very helpful be it from family, friends, strangers or teachers. There is a tendency to look outwards to people, powers, or iconic belief systems to show us the way, to lead us to the truth and light. We may not realize that the light, truth, beauty … More Inside Out

I Am Light

  For us to acknowledge that “I am light” is not a far-fetched, New Age-y, or egotistical notion, it is simply the truth. Instead of noticing our light, we have the tendency to notice the shadow, especially in ourselves. Everything we experience as matter or substance is the formed expression of the formless light. Our … More I Am Light

Re-membering Connection

Many speak of the feeling of helplessness when the world seems like a challenging place.  This is exacerbated when we feel a lack of connection, whether that be with friends, family, work, community, nation, world, or even with our inner-self, a dis-connect from our emotions, swirling thoughts or from our soul.  In truth, everything is … More Re-membering Connection

Intermediate: Energy, Awareness: Simple

The excellence of energy is that it is complete unto itself. All potentiality is within it, thus all possibilities. Awareness is an energy. It also sets energy in motion. As such, awareness and energy are inseparable. This is so in all ways: mundane or exalted. This means that how we are living our awareness is the … More Intermediate: Energy, Awareness: Simple

You are the meeting point of the vast and the ground

The Intermediate practice uses the Entry steps as its foundation. Hopefully one has learned the fundamentals and begun to integrate them into one’s being and life. Rather like knowing the alphabet or numbers, education and wisdom is possible because the preliminaries are known and understood. Because life can be messy, it is important and freeing … More You are the meeting point of the vast and the ground

The truth of it

Heart-mind is one. It is one broad spectrum of relatedness that includes and makes thinking, creativity, associations, and ease possible. Separated – or brainwashed and acculturated to believe that heart and mind are separate – the problems of separateness result: violence, judgement, animosity, negation and limitation. Heart-mind are provide a limitlessness of responses, possibilities, creative … More The truth of it