Ripples of awareness.

  We will work with interludes this week, which means we will be paying attention to the space between. The space between thoughts. The space between breaths. The space between moments. Once again, we find ourselves allowing. Allowing the precious space between to become the noticed space. In doing so, a new space arises as the … More Ripples of awareness.

Step 7: Interlude

  The beauty of Step 7 is to allow Steps 1 through 6 to find their productive connectedness in the whole of your meditation practice. Interludes work beautifully in that regard; they are integrative. The number 7 itself signifies synthesis, wholeness, and completion. 7 days come together to create a week. 7 colors form the … More Step 7: Interlude

From the heart.

  Happy Valentine’s Day, from our heart to yours. You’d think we perfectly planned to be on Step 6 of the practice, Heart-Mind, on Valentine’s week. We didn’t. Some things just work out. Like you… your love… and the perfection of it all. Enjoy.   Downloadable Podcast: Heart-Mind – Day2

Step 6: Heart-Mind

  All meditation practices bring the idea of relationship to the forefront of awareness. What is our relationship to our thoughts? What is the relationship of our thoughts to our emotions? What is our relationship to the breath? These are all common meditation ponderings. At the center of each and every relationship (and every pondering) … More Step 6: Heart-Mind