#GivingTuesday – a global giving initiative for non-profits!

  Spirit Fire’s mission is fostering awareness. Awareness always gives back! Your support on #GivingTuesday helps us maintain and develop programs that generate consciousness and educate people on the importance of spirituality if every day life. #GivingTuesday is a global giving movement which will see Facebook and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation match your donation to … More #GivingTuesday – a global giving initiative for non-profits!

Spirit Fire’s New Year Living Awareness Meditation Retreat

  Set the tone of 2018 through meditation and contemplation. Our annual New Year Meditation Retreat provides an environment to reflect upon the year that has passed & the wisdom that has been gained, while energetically setting the tone of the new year. Anchor your intentions for the new year from a place of inner-alignment and peace. This guided-meditation weekend is supported … More Spirit Fire’s New Year Living Awareness Meditation Retreat

The basis of life is freedom.

  “I am a source of clear light.” Yes, clear light. Clarity is the result of clearing distortions away and clearing distortions away leads to awareness. Ultimately, the result of all meditation practices is an increase of awareness. There are many side-effects as well: mindfulness, peace, detachment, wonder, compassion, wisdom, well-being. The Practice of Living … More The basis of life is freedom.

Essential exchange.

  Don’t you look lovely in that photo above? Yes, you do. That’s the energetic architectural version of your consciousness-production machine (otherwise known as you). Each one of those dotted lines above is a chakra, and each charka is a torus (torus = that which creates a toroidal flow). If you are are blissed out over … More Essential exchange.

Fields and streams.

Here’s a great video on the torus: Toroidal Flow. Have a look! I love Spirit Science and their cutting-edge videos! Here’s “Patch’s” description of a torus (which is excellent): “A torus is a self-organizing system that comes together at a single point of unity and expands its energy outward in every direction, all around itself, … More Fields and streams.