Starting Over

  Step #2, Tip of the Nose Meditation – Day 3  We meet here again to meditate. Wonderful! Meeting places can be quite specific. Perhaps you have readied yourself for meditation in a specific place; perhaps this has become a designated “peace zone” for an allotted time each day which allows for quiet reflection. Whether … More Starting Over

Steady As We Go

  Step #2, Tip of the Nose Meditation – Day 1  As the saying goes, sometimes what you are looking for is right under your nose. Could it be the ease of a smile? Certainly that’s right under your nose. It turns out these two bodily features have a beautiful relationship, at least in meditation. Both offer … More Steady As We Go

At Ease

   Step # 1, Smile Meditation – Day 2  Smiles not only make us feel happy, but they also help reduce stress levels in the body and lead us in the direction of optimistic mental approaches to situations. Smiles have a positive effect on many areas of your life and the lives of the people … More At Ease