Falling in Love Again

It’s no coincidence that the second week of the practice is all about relationship. Put two things together and lots of awarenesses arise… similarities, differences, cooperations, or new qualities as a result of blending the two.  Week 1, Smile, explores opening up to goodness and intentionally creating space for it. Week 2, Tip of the … More Falling in Love Again

Land and Linger

“Bring your attention back to the breath.” This is a suggestion that’s often offered during a guided meditation. Chances are when you’ve heard these words, your mind was off in a story; and chances are the same was true for most anyone else who heard those words during a sitting. The mind tends to wander – … More Land and Linger

The Meeting Place

We meet here again to meditate. Yes, wonderful! Perhaps you have settled into a specific location that has become your “meet-up with my mind” space; a place that allows for quiet reflection; an inspired spot for inquisitive exploration. Meeting places can be quite specific. This week we are going to explore another very specific meeting … More The Meeting Place