The Meeting Place

We meet here again to meditate. Yes, wonderful! Perhaps you have settled into a specific location that has become your “meet-up with my mind” space; a place that allows for quiet reflection; an inspired spot for inquisitive exploration. Meeting places can be quite specific. This week we are going to explore another very specific meeting … More The Meeting Place

Space to be Gentle

Tip of the Nose Meditation – Day 3 The meditations at the beginning of any new round of the Practice of Living Awareness support making ourselves available to meditation… or better yet, making ourselves available to being meditative. Last week’s Smile meditations offered a welcoming of sorts. This week’s meditations offer the opportunity to look around … More Space to be Gentle

The Perch

Tip of the Nose Meditation – Day 2 There’s so much to take in as we are perched. Today’s meditation takes us to the perch where we┬ánotice the usually not noticed. Observation is an activity that’s greatly enhanced by blended mix of curiosity and stillness. What’s present? Perhaps there’s ‘the noticed’ as well as ‘the … More The Perch