Just Sitting

It has been lovely meditating with you over the course of the last fourteen weeks. For the last meditation of the current round and the current year, we enjoy sitting – just sitting. Thank you for meditating. And the world thanks you. Living Awareness Meditation – Day 3

Shining Bright

Every coming and going sets the stage for a new cycle of comings and goings. This is a fact of our existence. At times it’s cause for celebration, as we’ll see this weekend with a new year upon us. At times it’s rote, as with a heartbeat or a breath. As the current round of … More Shining Bright

Glimmering and Opulent

This week we wrap up 2022 and the current round of meditations within the Practice of Living Awareness. Life awaits. Each moment awaits—always new, always abundant. May your time in meditation consistently ready you for each and every possibility that has been neatly packed within each and every experience. May your meditation practice support you … More Glimmering and Opulent