Finding the center.

  Here we are at the center of the practice. As we begin Step 8, we are at the half-way mark. Glorious! Seven meditation steps lie behind us, seven meditation steps lie ahead of us and here we are in the middle… beautifully balanced between what was and what will be. In this particular moment, … More Finding the center.

Step 8: Asana

  The body is a vessel. It receives. It receives all day and all night. It receives food and water; it receives words and visuals, sounds and ideas. It receives hugs and smiles and sometimes it receives aggression and sadness. Your body receives the news of the day and the soundtrack in you headphones. Your … More Step 8: Asana

Entry: Asana – Day 3

Establishing balance is essential to effective action. Balance can mean the capacity to respond instead of react. It can mean employing right speech – are your words kind, true, and necessary? It can mean maintaining core physical strength – standing strong and grounded. All of these produce clarity, which means we have great facility with tapping into … More Entry: Asana – Day 3