Presence – Make Contact!

Our eyes are amazing! They have approximately 1 billion parts – who knew?? Each eye has about 137 million photoreceptors – the better to see you with, my dear! Yes, eyes are about vision, but also so much more. As we make eye contact with another, we exchange information, energy and our light.  Feel this next time you are … More Presence – Make Contact!

Intermediate: sustaining the quality

Meditation is such a science, and the components of meditation are revealed through the insights born from experiencing the ripening one’s practice. Through the diligent practice of meditative techniques, consistency of application, and the enriching experiences of the results of doing so does one’s meditation practice evolve and mature. As a teacher of meditation for … More Intermediate: sustaining the quality

Intermediate: Shamatha – Alert Openness

Each moment is the experience of myriad energies collecting, combining, demonstrating, and always present. For example, the experience of craving is actually a hint of the energy quality of voidness. We experience a desire for something because the energy quality of voidness is unfamiliar, therefore it is experienced as a lack or as discontent. Yet, … More Intermediate: Shamatha – Alert Openness

Intermediate: Shamatha and recognizing energy

This round of the Intermediate practice will engage the practice of recognizing energies as they arise and as they present through out one’s day. In truth, energy has always been a core facet of the Intermediate practice. Yet, becoming ever more clear  about all being energy empowers one’s clarity in meditation and refines one’s livingness … More Intermediate: Shamatha and recognizing energy

Intermediate: the focus is energy

Yet another round of The Practice has begun. Hi, Welcome or welcome back! The Intermediate level of training in meditation is focused on energy: how to notice it through a sitting and through one’s day, as well as how to focus oneself as a being of energy, thereby as an agent of betterment or transformation … More Intermediate: the focus is energy

Intermediate: You can feel the vibrations

Mudra is a subject that is best experienced in order to understand it. Static hand mudras are only one component of this vast subject, yet they are the best place to begin because the hand chakras come online easily and can be felt by most people. This meditation is the last with mudra for a … More Intermediate: You can feel the vibrations

Intermediate: Mudra – distribution

Mudra is where energy is commanded. Before that, and most importantly, one’s intention is how energy is commanded, and we are commanding, invoking, demanding, and directing energy all day long. Emotions are energy (e-motion), thoughts are energy (we can feel their vibrancy and force), physical action and movement is energy densified and coordinated. And, of … More Intermediate: Mudra – distribution

Intermediate: Energy, Awareness: Simple

The excellence of energy is that it is complete unto itself. All potentiality is within it, thus all possibilities. Awareness is an energy. It also sets energy in motion. As such, awareness and energy are inseparable. This is so in all ways: mundane or exalted. This means that how we are living our awareness is the … More Intermediate: Energy, Awareness: Simple

Intermediate: Infinite potential

In learning more about mudra, one is learning about energy: how one understands it, uses it, lives according to its principles, and invokes it. We are approaching the subject of mudra in a truly meditative way, that is to say, from the point of view of insight, of causes, conditions, and results. My intention with … More Intermediate: Infinite potential

Intermediate: Mudra – receiving energy

Most people consider mudra to be the placement of the hands and fingers in particular positions. So, that’s where we are starting in this cycle of training in the Intermediate level of The Practice. There are many levels of meaning to each of the fingers as well as levels of capacity of the practitioner to … More Intermediate: Mudra – receiving energy

Intermediate: Mudra: actualizing energy

The word mudra is often used in conjunction with asana. In that case, mudra is a component of an overall asana in physical yoga. But, in these meditations, mudra is the focal point for actualizing an invoked energy or an invited quality of Presence. Then, Asana is lived as the overall motivation for wanting to … More Intermediate: Mudra: actualizing energy

Intermediate: Mudra=incarnating energy

Mudra invokes energy by representing the flow of it through movements of the hands or other parts of the body. Mudra stems from a most ancient understanding of humanity’s role as creators within the creative possibilities of life on Earth – in congruence with the Planetary Beingness and his/her macrocosmic intention. Mudra is a Sanskrit … More Intermediate: Mudra=incarnating energy

One’s energetic purpose, one’s vibration of Being

Over the years, knowledge and understanding of certain forms of typology have graced my life. I have been fortunate enough to use them through decades of counseling and to teach some of them as well. But, I have to say, that when the Science of the Seven Rays flowed into my life, I experienced a … More One’s energetic purpose, one’s vibration of Being

Écoute. Listen!

Existence is vibration. It, you, and all in manifestation is vibration. All is the “Word made flesh.” The source of primordial vibration doesn’t matter – it being beyond all concepts and ideation. Of significance to you and I is that we are vibrating. We are waves of purpose and demonstration interacting with layers and layers … More Écoute. Listen!

Inner Rainbow Vibrations

There is a significant teaching at the beginning of the podcast. It restates the particular emphasis being engaged with this Intermediate round of meditations. My focus is training the practitioners in the inner anatomy with the intention of maturing the capacity of the practitioner in both meditation and in his or her life of awareness. … More Inner Rainbow Vibrations

The magic of a year-end review

Three words: translation, transmutation, transformation. Use these for a year-end self reflection. Hold them through the days of the year ending and the new one beginning such that their truths and efficacy is part of your waking living awareness. Translation: Translation doesn’t change something’s truth or existence, it simply uses different words to label it. … More The magic of a year-end review

The Inner Dynamics of Asana and Meditation

For thousands of years, the primary posture for meditation has been the lotus or half lotus position. One could wonder if that is simply because people sat on the ground indian-style for the most part. But, in fact, there are many good and even important reasons to use the classic meditation posture if one can. … More The Inner Dynamics of Asana and Meditation

* (Step 6/d) Create your day as you go

The Practice of Living Awareness empowers you. Feeling frustrated? Breathe a long slow deep breath. Mind confused? Smile, breathe, then soften and open to what you are trying to control. Get in touch with the fact a control issue is actually what is going on. Feeling a churning feeling, judgemental, petty, or aggressive? Smile within … More * (Step 6/d) Create your day as you go