Nature, being a constant in our lives, is an amazing teacher if we stop to notice. Spring is in full expression in New England and everything is opening to it’s magnificent potential of beauty and fragrance. The leaves unfurl and the flowers shift from bud to blossom. We can take note and follow suit. In … More Bloom

Be Your Self

A beautiful quote from Hermann Hesse: “You were made to be yourselves. You were made to enrich the world with a sound, a tone, a shadow… In each one of you there is a hidden being, still in the deep sleep of childhood. Bring it to life! In each one of you there is a … More Be Your Self

Living from Essential Being

Asana is usually understood in the particularity of postures and physical yoga. And, though that is correct, asana means more than that. Asana is one’s relation to one’s physical dimensionality: to one’s entire incarnated existence and to the fields into which one’s Being is constantly expressing. When understood as such, asana invokes a spiritual maturity … More Living from Essential Being

Smooth from monad to cells, from heart to fields

On layer of meaning of OM MANI PADME HUM is that we are the vibrations of these words. In other words, the mantra is an injunction to the practitioner to realize full presence that one is. We’re on a roll this week with velvety intense deep meditations that all have vibrational Truth of Being as … More Smooth from monad to cells, from heart to fields

Presence Supreme (Step 10b)

Light is a result in a meditative practice. It is that because light is innate. Furthermore, light is a choice – as in lightness of being. Everything in a meditation practice steers the practitioner inside. With that reorientation one experiences the light that is within. The more one abides in this inner light, trains oneself … More Presence Supreme (Step 10b)

Non-deceiving: a generation stage meditation

In order for a shaman to listen to plants for the stories of the medicinal properties or to transform into the qualities of an animal, a shaman has to be empty. Equally, so, in order to generate qualities of Being, one has to be empty. Yet, emptiness is not a lack. Emptying is. This meditation … More Non-deceiving: a generation stage meditation