Living from Essential Being

8 arm chenrizig b973 35X46Asana is usually understood in the particularity of postures and physical yoga. And, though that is correct, asana means more than that. Asana is one’s relation to one’s physical dimensionality: to one’s entire incarnated existence and to the fields into which one’s Being is constantly expressing.

When understood as such, asana invokes a spiritual maturity from us. The balance-point is the heart. Living from the heart, (not below and not above), produces the posture of integrity and equanimity. As such, life’s circumstances and people are met with the emanations of the heart and its concurrent clarity and wisdom. We realize that we are like Avolokiteshvara in his/her 8-armed or thousand-armed form: perfectly meeting each moment with an emanation of the heart’s wisdom and creative expression, thus perfectly meeting the karmic and dharmic needs of each moment.

Asana begins with getting to know one’s body, inside and out. It ripens into living from essential Being through one’s whole physical existence.


Downloadable podcast: Living from essential Being

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