Intermediate: States of meditation

And advancing practice of meditation requires more of the practitioner but also bears appropriate results. If the preliminary practices are understood and ingrained in the meditator, then the habits of meditation begin to take over and lead to a ripening of meditative states. The states, themselves, will depend on what aspects of meditation have come … More Intermediate: States of meditation

Intermediate: Living as a Wheel of Radiance

With the Intermediate practice, we work with energy, inside and all around us, in a variety of ways. Some include: the energy of gratitude, wonder, and gladness. These lead to the experience of less personalization, less drama, less stress, and more appreciation for people, events, and circumstances in our life. These are perfect in the … More Intermediate: Living as a Wheel of Radiance

Theotokos and the divine light within

At this time of the year, we meditate with Theotokos. She represents the divine mother who births, nurtures, and protects the essential divinity within all people. Yes, in a classical Greek Orthodox Christian tradition, she is the Mother of Christ and the Queen of Heaven. But, if the symbolism is understood – like that of … More Theotokos and the divine light within

Common Presence

The divine feminine principle is the principle of substantiality: matter. As we hold ourselves accountable for this principle, we hold ourselves responsible for and in the joy of bringing forward the greatest light. Substantiality and matter have one purpose: to express the highest potential, the greatest vibration, the livingness of Awareness itself. We are all … More Common Presence

The light of avatars

Humanity has been blessed by a number of avatars through its history. Each spiritual tradition holds the stories of blessed ones coming, teaching, and then leaving the physical form with the promise to be present nonetheless. Most of the world’s traditions speak of the blessed one birthing into human existence. With some, it is a … More The light of avatars

Intermediate: Guidance: from the shining star, or the heart, or the voice of the divine

Animals are guided by the sun, stars, moon, the Milky Way galaxy, as well as lei lines and topography. Plants are directed to grow by the sun and its cycles. And, we human beings are guided too. We are guided by angels, intuition, by prayer and contemplation, by signs and omens, and by our hearts … More Intermediate: Guidance: from the shining star, or the heart, or the voice of the divine

Solstice: the spiral journey of the light within

Today, girls is process wearing crowns and halos of candles. They will also walk carrying a single lighted candle representing the inner light. The candle represents that darkness is destroyed by light of even a small candle. The innocent youth that carries the candle represents a greater strength than might; it is the strength of … More Solstice: the spiral journey of the light within

Heroes of the Heart: an intermediate meditation

The world’s spiritual traditions have produced many spiritual myths and allegories. They all have the purpose of orienting humanity to the mythic and grand qualities within. The stories have common themes, such as a journey and a quest, challenges or dangers along the way, as well as the transformation of the characters precisely because of … More Heroes of the Heart: an intermediate meditation

A mythic journey of trust – an Intermediate meditation

Each year during the holiday season, we take up the mythic story of the journey of Mary and Joseph going up to Bethlehem and the birth of the Christ-child. We do so for the human and spiritual symbolism represented by every character and feature of this tale. I was brought up Catholic, enjoyed it very … More A mythic journey of trust – an Intermediate meditation

Intermediate: Mani Stones

Imagine carving a mantra onto a stone: the care, time, patience, strength, and dedication that it would take. Now imagine carving many stone with the same mantra. Each being done while repeating the mantra prayerfully, intentionally. Then imagine painting each letter with a particular color because doing so and the color carried energy and meaning. … More Intermediate: Mani Stones

Inter: Padme – the seed and all its manifestations

Padme means lotus, but it’s not that simple. The seed that eventually manifests as a blossoming lotus first produces roots, then a stem, then leaves, a bud, then blossom, pistils, stamen, and then seed again. All these manifestations are within the seed of lotus just as the diverse expressions of compassion and wisdom are within … More Inter: Padme – the seed and all its manifestations

Intermediate: Padme – unfolding being

As mentioned before, mantra is about “protecting the mind.” Man comes from the manas = mind (as in sentient-intelligent nature), and tra = to protect. Manas and tra are Sanskrit words. The type of protection is not so much an armament or form of armor but is instead a cultivated habit of positivity and reality. … More Intermediate: Padme – unfolding being

Intermediate: Creator-Creation: OM

Mantra used in spiritual practice has many layers of meaning, significance, and purpose. This is quite effective, in that each person will be met with the amount of meaning, purpose, and understanding that he or she can use, make sense of, and integrate into his or her life. That will, in time, flawlessly open up … More Intermediate: Creator-Creation: OM

Mantra: the practice of protecting the mind

The term mantra translates as “to protect the mind”. Interestingly, it does not mean a set of words and how to repeat them. The idea behind the translation is that of valuing and protecting the precious quality of one’s consciousness. One would use phrases or affirmations that remind one of the truths of being and … More Mantra: the practice of protecting the mind

Intermediate: How powerful

Elevation (not the great U2 song!) is vital for detachment and perspective, for optimism, buoyancy through life’s vicissitudes, and for a general lightness of being. We help ourselves and help others whenever we interact with life with a sense of altitude. We complete this two week’s focus on elevation and a powerful breathing technique that … More Intermediate: How powerful

Intermediate: Liberation from the ego

If shamatha is the foundation for all levels of meditation, then what is the foundation of shamatha? The great sage Patanjali states that it is “to still the patterning of the consciousness.” (Sutra 1 of Book I) He furthermore states: “Then, pure awareness can abide in its very nature. Otherwise, awareness takes itself to be … More Intermediate: Liberation from the ego

A pranayama that produces shamatha

This Intermediate meditation focuses on a breathing technique (pranayama) that is very simple. That does not mean that it is easy to do! Breath underlies all meditation practices. Breath also leads to shamatha, or peaceful abiding. This state of ease in concentration, of stability of meditative equipoise and altitude is part of the full body, … More A pranayama that produces shamatha

Intermediate: a technique for all levels

In the recent Oklahoma meditation retreat, I taught a technique that will result in tranquility and presence. In other words, it will bring about the foundational meditation experience of shamatha (tranquil or peaceful abiding). Patanjali and Buddha Shakyamuni, the two great sources of meditation training, agree that the foundation of all states and levels of … More Intermediate: a technique for all levels

Intermediate: Levitation=Expanding the Ground

In order to levitate, one has to recognize the ground of space; one has to realize that the ground that one walks on and the ground-state of Awareness are the same. In other words, with the expansion of one’s perception of reality, the various levels of subtle and energetic states become just as tangible and … More Intermediate: Levitation=Expanding the Ground

Intermediate: Levitation and the One Ground

In Buddhism there is a phrase, “There is one ground.” The statement refers to the one ground of Awareness. Realizing that Awareness is the only true ground, one realizes the source of one’s reality, and realizes the foundation for all conditioned or non-conditioned states of being. This precious image of a young meditator levitating is … More Intermediate: Levitation and the One Ground

Intermediate: Unfolding Being

Life on Earth unfolds. Plants do it (leaves and flower petals), insects do it (wiggling out of cocoons or tree trunk burrows then letting wings dry and form), babies do it (the unfold through birth having unfolded and grown in the womb. Living Awareness unfolds too. Consciousness, like wisdom, expands and matures through a life, … More Intermediate: Unfolding Being

Intermediate: Protection (Man-tra)

The Sanskrit word mantra literally means mind protection or mind protector. Man comes from the manas meaning mind, but not simply discursive mind or appreciating mind, but the full capacity of Awareness. Protect is from tra. The protection inferred is non-militant and non-aggressive but is completely proactive. An analogy: If one knows that something is … More Intermediate: Protection (Man-tra)

Intermediate: Your vibration is sounding.

Science has recorded a sound, a vibration, that is sounding through space. Each planet has a sound or vibrational quality also. In fact, each star, galaxy, and – with clairaudience – each person emits a song, a sound, a vibration or set of vibrations. One could correctly say that you are sounding a mantra energetically … More Intermediate: Your vibration is sounding.

Intermediate: Instructions and that which is inseparable

All meditation training has few foci. Those are used by most, if not all, meditation methods around the world, and always have been. Breath (inner flow and spacious serenity), focus (point of focus, learning true concentration, then sustaining that such that it refines into something powerful and more), and letting go (of the sense of … More Intermediate: Instructions and that which is inseparable

Service: The Womb of Existence

One day, I was meditating outside. Nature teamed around me, everything in flow, beauty in all directions. I looked up at the sky and the thought came that “everything is still inside the womb of Mother Earth.” The flash of awareness that swept through me was profound: everything seen, perceived, and related to; all in … More Service: The Womb of Existence

Intermediate: Undoing the patterns of consciousness

We are pure awareness; and the layers of identification and conceptualizations that we have about everything including ourself is fabrication. This photo of a mosaic in a mosque is beautiful but it can never display the absolute beauty of Reality as it is. Our mind is like the mosaic, and its processes are like the … More Intermediate: Undoing the patterns of consciousness

Intermediate: common day mahamudra

Remember in the third Matrix movie when one of the programs says to Neo, “Karma? Karma is a word.” The point was that whatever one might understand about karma or label as karma working out is that person’s understanding. Whether or not that understanding is reality regarding karma is ultimately immaterial because to that person … More Intermediate: common day mahamudra

Intermediate: Dimensions

As said in the introduction, alignment gives one access to the range of dimensions of pure Being. Every aspect of a human being is constantly emanating quality into the surrounding fields. Meditation trains one in quiescence, harmony, peace, and understanding. As such, one’s fields refine, purify, and seek a harmonious congruent state as a whole. … More Intermediate: Dimensions

Intermediate: Two factors in Alignment

Tantric meditation training reveals, and then works with, sets of two which are one and that also produce a new one. For example, two factors within the process of alignment are the quality of penetration and the quality of receptivity. Penetrating is another word for the reach or stretch of consciousness that brings two points … More Intermediate: Two factors in Alignment

Intermediate: Alignment 1

Alignment can feel vertical: a connecting of the refined aspects of Being, one level after another. Or vertical alignment can be experienced as a stretch into the heights of Being, of Awareness, of grace or beauty. This vertical ascent provides perspective, detachment, and clarity, as well as higher vibrations of Being and states of meditation. … More Intermediate: Alignment 1

Intermediate: How high is the sky, how deep is Being?

True meditation is the experience of resting in the natural state of Awareness, the natural condition of awareness-mind. Over and over again, a practitioner experiences that with a smile, a brightness and ease is present, with an in-breath and attention on the top of it, a clarity and limitlessness naturally is experienced, with one-pointedness that … More Intermediate: How high is the sky, how deep is Being?

Intermediate: Limitless

Long spaces, the velvet of Presence, and experiences of the extraordinary pervade this meditation. With these, the extraordinary becomes normal, and the profound is increasingly recognized in and as common. Enjoy the experiences Awareness-Being.   Downloadable podcast: Intermediate: Limitlessness

Intermediate: Normal

What is normal? An aspect of the the path of meditation is that extraordinary becomes ordinary. Patience, peacefulness, altruism, and creative solutions to almost any situation become normal. Insight, understanding, ease become normal too as one stays true to one’s meditation practice and takes the instruction and insights into one’s day. The Intermediate practice is … More Intermediate: Normal

Intermediate: Humanity is One and I am one with them.

Having the capacity for calm or open-mindedness or for compromise in order to accomplish a greater goal than one’s individual needs are skills and qualities that serve in a variety of situations. These skills, as well as others that result from meditation training, also serve the collective consciousness of humanity. This week the Intermediate practitioners … More Intermediate: Humanity is One and I am one with them.

Intermediate: Tantric ground

Tantric meditation and a tantric orientation in life is one of constantly bringing two qualities of Being into union and then sustaining that unified state. On the cushion that might be experienced through clarity and expansiveness (awareness and heart) being ripened and then sustained as a state. Off the cushion the same two qualities would … More Intermediate: Tantric ground


Esotericists celebrate Wesak as inclusive of the Christ, the World Teacher. Eastern Buddhist traditions celebrate Wesak (Saga Dawa – this full moon) in honor of the Teacher and a Teaching of awareness. The Buddha’s words and message stand undefiled and unchanged 2600 years later. Those who meditated on his teaching created their own, but always … More Egolessness

Generative and Intermediate: The Cosmic Quality of Space in You

Three qualities pervade all Awareness, all modes of consciousness, and all manifestation. Those fundamental three qualities permeate, permutate, qualify and condition, or are the condition of all there IS. They are luminosity, vibrancy, and continuity. Luminosity is a word describing the ever-present quality of light. Clarity, transparency, iridescence, brilliance, sharpness, lightness of being, gaiety, humor, … More Generative and Intermediate: The Cosmic Quality of Space in You

Intermediate: Living Life as Sacred

Namaste is Sanskrit. It means “I honor the presence in you,” or “I see the light in you,” or less dualistic “I bow to presence and being” as one bows to the person one is with. Namaste is an salutation that comes from a spiritual orientation of recognizing all in existence as sacred. Everyone and … More Intermediate: Living Life as Sacred

Intermediate: The Light of Sacredization

Why does humanity exist? Among the significant reasons is the human capacity to express light. Clarity, ingenuity, integrity, wisdom, and harmonious creativity are expressions of light through creative intelligence. Respect, kindness, care, equanimity, compassion, saving and helping are expressions of light relationally. Lightness of being, humor, the arts, inspiration, aspiration, idealism, optimism, humility, genuineness, patience, … More Intermediate: The Light of Sacredization