Continuous dimensionality: the Antahkarana

We are dimensional beings. Antahkarana is the vibrational continuous nature of the dimensionality of Awareness-Being. Awareness is this simple, as is Moment, Being, Presence (or Sanskrit or Tibetan words for the same). Intuition is as aspect of this dimensionality. It is knowing in an additional dimensional way, which is why it tends to be dismissed … More Continuous dimensionality: the Antahkarana

Understanding and Building the Antahkarana: Relation-Connection

The focus in this meditation is that relation is the nature and function of the antahkarana. Though called many things in different settings and disciplines, the factor of relation is a macrocosmic principle. In this context, that principle is called antahkarana. Simply, relation is the connection between two terminal points. Yet, and importantly so, each … More Understanding and Building the Antahkarana: Relation-Connection

Understanding and building the Antahkarana: Dimensionality

We are dimensional beings. That is to say, we are a composite of many layers of reality and Being. Yet, most people identify themselves as their body which goes to the gym or needs certain food, or as a set of happy emotions or frustrated ones. Yet, our body is dimensional; emotions, mind, awareness, telepathic … More Understanding and building the Antahkarana: Dimensionality

pre-Wesak Intermediate: Dedication – the Way of the Heart

The distinction of the saints and sages of history, of those who inspire humanity to stretch beyond the usual have one quality in common: dedication. Each dedicated him or herself to sorting something out and, then upon doing so within his or her scope and scale, dedicating their life, energy, time, and capacity to that … More pre-Wesak Intermediate: Dedication – the Way of the Heart

Intermediate: pre-Wesak contemplation: Sameness

The Wesak energy offers us the opportunity to abide within the cosmic principle of Sameness. The Buddha returns to the Earth, aligns with the Lord of the World, the Christ, as well as with all of Hierarchy, Shamballa, and Humanity: this alignment is one of Sameness. The sameness is the quality of pristine, profound, pure … More Intermediate: pre-Wesak contemplation: Sameness

Intermediate: Response: patterned, illumined, or freed?

This graphic well displays the quality of options that one has every moment. The lower part of the image is beautiful but is a repetition of a pattern. It is a replication of itself over and over. This represents our habits, patterned responses, and choices that result in no change or forward movement in consciousness. … More Intermediate: Response: patterned, illumined, or freed?

Intermediate: Getting Clear through Chakra Opening

I don’t know about you but it’s been hard for me to focus lately. My mind recently has, all too easily, been challenged to stay on track, and sentient awareness has been in constant flux with no restfulness or settled state. It’s exhausting. Yesterday, in the peace and quiet (outside and in) of a friend’s … More Intermediate: Getting Clear through Chakra Opening

Intermediate: Nebula being

A human being is capable of generating amazing energy and a profoundly effective energy field. Trained meditators meditating on compassion can produce gamma rays. That’s what stars produce! This is reporting something vital to understand: meditation frees the deep energies within us and makes them available for the well-being of the world. Here is a … More Intermediate: Nebula being

Intermediate: Refined Vibrations

Right and wrong is a teaching for children; and in the case of potential danger, appropriately so. However, when cultivating meditation or reflecting on one’s livingness of truth or integrity, right and wrong does not serve. Instead, one evaluates limitation and range of expression or range of Being being expressed as a litmus. As such, … More Intermediate: Refined Vibrations

Intermediate: How do we choose our reality?

For me, this image says it all.   As the Entry practice is experiencing three aptitudes of mind and emotions, the Intermediate practice will explore how those three abilities or natural tendencies of awareness-mind are operational through one’s day. The three qualities are: exacting-contracting, expanding-opening, and to be naturally empty-void like the sky. The image … More Intermediate: How do we choose our reality?

Intermediate: Unanimity and uniqueness

Each person is part of the unanimity of humanity while at the same time is a unique person. The skills and capacities developed by an individual have a macrocosmic purpose: that of blending with the whole of human skills and capacity as a kingdom within the Earth as a whole. Our purpose, then, is not … More Intermediate: Unanimity and uniqueness

Intermediate: Intimate, Integral, Inseparable

Help is all around us. Mentoring and beneficial advice is available to us from the inside or the outside through signs and people all the time. The ancestors that have taught us, protected us, nurtured our consciousness and our life, are with us right now. Their kindness and wisdom has never left. In addition to … More Intermediate: Intimate, Integral, Inseparable

Intermediate: Regardless of the weather

Low pressure systems of weather are an example of things that can significantly effect one’s day yet something over which one has no control. For many people cloudy or rainy days bring an increase of physical pain or discomfort, might detrimentally effect brain functioning or mental acuity, or bring on the blues and mild depression … More Intermediate: Regardless of the weather

Intermediate: the wetness of water

The Intermediate practice is examining inseparability, and that one is inseparable from the reality that one creates. There is tremendous empowerment in living with the understanding of inseparability forefront. But, what is inseparability? An example will help the mind wrap around it. For instance, wetness is inseparable from water. Water, in a liquid state, is … More Intermediate: the wetness of water

Intermediate: You can feel the vibrations

Mudra is a subject that is best experienced in order to understand it. Static hand mudras are only one component of this vast subject, yet they are the best place to begin because the hand chakras come online easily and can be felt by most people. This meditation is the last with mudra for a … More Intermediate: You can feel the vibrations

Intermediate: Mudra – distribution

Mudra is where energy is commanded. Before that, and most importantly, one’s intention is how energy is commanded, and we are commanding, invoking, demanding, and directing energy all day long. Emotions are energy (e-motion), thoughts are energy (we can feel their vibrancy and force), physical action and movement is energy densified and coordinated. And, of … More Intermediate: Mudra – distribution

Intermediate: Energy, Awareness: Simple

The excellence of energy is that it is complete unto itself. All potentiality is within it, thus all possibilities. Awareness is an energy. It also sets energy in motion. As such, awareness and energy are inseparable. This is so in all ways: mundane or exalted. This means that how we are living our awareness is the … More Intermediate: Energy, Awareness: Simple

Intermediate: Mudra 3: one application of the Divine Triplicity

All beings and all reality express three primary or fundamental qualities: energy, stability through the experience of becoming, and adaptable creative expression. These three qualities of being are given form and name in all traditions: spiritual, religious, and scientific. Each calls them by unique names or describes them through a wide variety of attributes. Yet, … More Intermediate: Mudra 3: one application of the Divine Triplicity

Intermediate: Infinite potential

In learning more about mudra, one is learning about energy: how one understands it, uses it, lives according to its principles, and invokes it. We are approaching the subject of mudra in a truly meditative way, that is to say, from the point of view of insight, of causes, conditions, and results. My intention with … More Intermediate: Infinite potential

Intermediate: Mudra – receiving energy

Most people consider mudra to be the placement of the hands and fingers in particular positions. So, that’s where we are starting in this cycle of training in the Intermediate level of The Practice. There are many levels of meaning to each of the fingers as well as levels of capacity of the practitioner to … More Intermediate: Mudra – receiving energy

Intermediate: Mudra: actualizing energy

The word mudra is often used in conjunction with asana. In that case, mudra is a component of an overall asana in physical yoga. But, in these meditations, mudra is the focal point for actualizing an invoked energy or an invited quality of Presence. Then, Asana is lived as the overall motivation for wanting to … More Intermediate: Mudra: actualizing energy

Intermediate: Mudra=incarnating energy

Mudra invokes energy by representing the flow of it through movements of the hands or other parts of the body. Mudra stems from a most ancient understanding of humanity’s role as creators within the creative possibilities of life on Earth – in congruence with the Planetary Beingness and his/her macrocosmic intention. Mudra is a Sanskrit … More Intermediate: Mudra=incarnating energy

Intermediate: Time and space

To the human eye, a plant seems to grow sequentially: seed, roots, stalk, leaves, bud, and blossom. But, to the plant, a simultaneous unfolding of inner qualities and potential is occurring. And, because the qualities and potential are innate, the plant does not think about its maturing. For the onlooking human, the plant has stages … More Intermediate: Time and space

You are an incarnation of Light.

The image of Theotokos is part of a world treasury of image, myth, legend, and oral tradition. The wisdom of the world contains few primary themes which are intended to report fundamental causative principles related to being human and to the purpose of the human kingdom. As such, the annual repetition of the stories and … More You are an incarnation of Light.

The Dance

This post is simply words, but words are invocations. Invocations create vortices, vortices are concentrations of the flows of the universal energies. The toroidal flow of a person is just as stupendous and natural as that of a cosmic stellar display. We are the vibrant dance of energies, of the flows of empathy, joy, and … More The Dance

The Heart: Grandest Torus of Them All

 Human life begins with the heart and unfolds from it as a centerpiece of unity. The torus does the same; the toroidal flow of energy expresses from the center ‘zero-point’ and moves around the outside and returns again to the center. These cycles of movement create the expanded nature of the universe and all that … More The Heart: Grandest Torus of Them All

The Heart of One’s Being

At some point, one’s training in meditation really does permeate one, and the results of one’s practice become integrated into one’s way of living. Then one is experiencing that meditation is the heart of one’s Being, that stability is as simple as one’s smile, as immediate as one’s breath, and as tangible as the beat … More The Heart of One’s Being

Ripening Awareness

The Intermediate level of The Practice ripens the Entry steps. The Entry steps, training, and experiences are the ground, the seeds, and produce the first seasons of meditational fruit. The Intermediate practice and its training is like a master pruner working with a vine or apple tree. What can be produced requires all that has … More Ripening Awareness

Integrity and destiny

The Intermediate group meditation used considerations from a quote from Heraclitus. The three primary qualities of mind-awareness have myriad expressions. They include heinous actions, neurotic thoughts, and painful emotions. The same three qualities can produce sublime and profound actions of compassion, wisdom to last ages, empathy as deep as the ocean, and give meaning to … More Integrity and destiny

Living from Essential Being

Asana is usually understood in the particularity of postures and physical yoga. And, though that is correct, asana means more than that. Asana is one’s relation to one’s physical dimensionality: to one’s entire incarnated existence and to the fields into which one’s Being is constantly expressing. When understood as such, asana invokes a spiritual maturity … More Living from Essential Being

Ordinary Awareness

I find myself challenged to write about the current cycle of meditations – simply because the teaching and the meditations attempt to illumine the obvious. Awareness is awareness! Awareness is clear, present, vibrant, and now. Awareness is not something else. It is not the ideas that we have or project about awareness. Awareness is not … More Ordinary Awareness

Essential Human Nature

What about a human being is distinct from other life forms on Earth? Intelligence? No, everything on Earth expresses intelligence of a wide variety. Relatedness? No, everything on Earth demonstrates and exists because of relation and inter-dependence. Shape, form, beauty? No, everything on Earth is the manifestation of idea and ideal that has taken shape and … More Essential Human Nature

The Gift of Ease

Feel release. Sit for a moment, breathe in and then breathe out, and abide within the ease of letting go. Continue to breathe normally, but also continue to abide within the restful contentment and ease of release. The repetition of this simple exercise provides a powerful integrative experience: ease is being cultivated, peace is being … More The Gift of Ease

What is freedom?

It is to be free, right? But what does that really mean? From an awareness point of view, freedom is to have liberated oneself from self-limiting thoughts, behavior patterns, and energetic trails (karma). Freedom is to have effected and stabilized into the flow of awareness as It is and thus effected freedom within oneself and … More What is freedom?

Coming to Awareness

Breathing in from above, one experiences purpose, intention, and reason for being. Breathing from the front, appearances and circumstances systematically dissolve in the recognition that all is ephemeral and changing. Breathing from behind, one experiences the trail of causes and conditions that have convened to create the present. Breathing from the Earth’s ground, one experiences … More Coming to Awareness

Profound simplicity

“I breathe in. I breathe out.” Siddharta sat under a tree and, after six years of harsh ascetic practices, realized that the simplicity of conscious breathing was the key to awareness. One might ask why is this so? One is best off experiencing the answer for oneself, however the short answer is this: through the … More Profound simplicity


What is concentration, yogically understood and lived? What is attention experienced as expansiveness while simultaneously holding a riveted point of focus? What is focus when it is holding vastness and subtle within its view instead of, or inclusive of, small detail? It is dharana. Dharana is a Sanskrit word which means concentration but in the … More Brilliant

Pure perception

In The Practice of Living Awareness, step 2 matures into vipassana: pure perception. Vipassana also brings about penetrating insight. In the Intermediate practice, we engage that maturing process. Step 2 has many layers of meaning, instruction, and application within one’s meditation practice and life. The beginning of this podcast gives some of that fullness. Intrinsic … More Pure perception

You are the meeting point of the vast and the ground

The Intermediate practice uses the Entry steps as its foundation. Hopefully one has learned the fundamentals and begun to integrate them into one’s being and life. Rather like knowing the alphabet or numbers, education and wisdom is possible because the preliminaries are known and understood. Because life can be messy, it is important and freeing … More You are the meeting point of the vast and the ground

The Perfect Journey, the perfect play

Choice. The choice to incarnate, the choices in our life, the choice for awareness. Choice is an interesting contemplation, one best engaged throughout one’s day as choices from the most mundane and habitual to the sublime and spontaneous arise, float through, and call us every day. Awareness is a choice. Or maybe, non-awareness is? Either … More The Perfect Journey, the perfect play