Intermediate: Supporting presence

In Wild Awakenings, the Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche writes, “Pointing out may also be understood as being introduced to the reality of mind’s nature. …. In all of the Buddha’s instructions from beginning to end, the basic techniques are shamatha and vipashyana.” … “Shamatha is sometimes translated as ‘tranquility’ or ‘calm abiding’ … In (the) context … More Intermediate: Supporting presence

Intermediate: common day mahamudra

Remember in the third Matrix movie when one of the programs says to Neo, “Karma? Karma is a word.” The point was that whatever one might understand about karma or label as karma working out is that person’s understanding. Whether or not that understanding is reality regarding karma is ultimately immaterial because to that person … More Intermediate: common day mahamudra

Intermediate: Nebula being

A human being is capable of generating amazing energy and a profoundly effective energy field. Trained meditators meditating on compassion can produce gamma rays. That’s what stars produce! This is reporting something vital to understand: meditation frees the deep energies within us and makes them available for the well-being of the world. Here is a … More Intermediate: Nebula being

Ripening Awareness

The Intermediate level of The Practice ripens the Entry steps. The Entry steps, training, and experiences are the ground, the seeds, and produce the first seasons of meditational fruit. The Intermediate practice and its training is like a master pruner working with a vine or apple tree. What can be produced requires all that has … More Ripening Awareness

Ordinary Awareness

I find myself challenged to write about the current cycle of meditations – simply because the teaching and the meditations attempt to illumine the obvious. Awareness is awareness! Awareness is clear, present, vibrant, and now. Awareness is not something else. It is not the ideas that we have or project about awareness. Awareness is not … More Ordinary Awareness

Mahamudra 2: the texture of delight

Conjure gratitude. Let it arise over something real, then deepen into it. Gratitude is sparkly. Appreciate something – a falling leaf, a rain drop, sunshine, or friendship. Then drop into the fullness of appreciation. It is a dance of delight. Mahamudra is a word, like water is a word. To experience the wetness of water, … More Mahamudra 2: the texture of delight

Mahamudra 1

Mahamudra is a Sanskrit word. Maha means great – as in universal, limitless, beyond comprehension and conceptualization. Mudra has several layers of meaning. First is the common mean: a posture or movement with a part of the body, such as hands. The reason for the mudra, however, is not often understood. The mudra is a … More Mahamudra 1

Awareness. It’s already now.

Luminous Perception is the natural state of the mind and, truth be told, the very nature of everything. When fully realized in a non-dual state of meditation and livingness, this is called mahamudra. Yet, because luminous spacious dynamic awareness is all there is, and always has been, as a practitioner creates the habit of a … More Awareness. It’s already now.

Big Bang Mahamudra

Recently, a Facebook esoteric group that I am in posted this conceptualization of the stages of the Universe since the Big Bang. I looked at and saw the correspondent stages of Mahamudra meditative realizations. I posted those thoughts and have copied them here. The reason to give the correspondences on the FB group, or to … More Big Bang Mahamudra

Pure Passion and Pure Awareness are one and the same.

The Generative mediation meditated with this seed and then attempted to experience, in some measure, its truth. “Pure Passion and Pure Awareness are one and the same.” This quote comes from the new online course I am teaching on Tibetan imagery. If you do this meditation, please share a comment.   Dowloadable podcast: Passion and … More Pure Passion and Pure Awareness are one and the same.

Webcast: Inside meditation: the Intermediate Stage of The Practice of Living Awareness

Insights into the art and science of The Practice of Living Awareness as a meditative technique. This webcast is full of descriptions of the Intermediate Stage (level) of The Practice, and its lineages of Raja Yoga, shamanism, and tantric Buddhist meditative techniques. Donna’s enthusiasm for meditation is plain to hear as well as her knowledge … More Webcast: Inside meditation: the Intermediate Stage of The Practice of Living Awareness

Leap: Awareness

We are pure awareness. Our purpose is to participate ever more fully in all that is of complete existence. Enlightenment is its own witness as is the Mother Earth to our awakeness. Learning to “leap,” at first into, and then as awareness itself, we explore the very reason we exist: to participate, and in so … More Leap: Awareness

Mahamudra Meditations 1 and 2

The Practice of Living Awareness synthesizes Raja and Agni Yoga and tantric techniques in the nowness of humanity and its evolution. As a result, it is effective. It is effective also because it is a step by step graded method of meditation, just as the methods of the East have been. Sometimes, Intermediate level meditations are … More Mahamudra Meditations 1 and 2