Intermediate: common day mahamudra

rama-kandraRemember in the third Matrix movie when one of the programs says to Neo, “Karma? Karma is a word.” The point was that whatever one might understand about karma or label as karma working out is that person’s understanding. Whether or not that understanding is reality regarding karma is ultimately immaterial because to that person his or her understanding and labeling IS an understanding of karma. Mahamudra is similar. Actually all understandings and labels are similar!

Mahamudra can be defined and described in many ways. Some are quite abstract and veiled in the secret language of higher tantra, however, at essence mahamudra is simple. It is the experience of one’s reality AS reality. Mahamudra is the complete buy-in to one’s state of being therefore how one is living, and thus creating one’s existence. If one really engages one’s life as a self-made reality (which it is), then one would very quickly choose to create a beneficial reality, a harmonious one, a reality that feels abundant and bright and joyful and dynamic. The buy-in would also immediately illumine how one is replicating a life and reality that is a prison and a ping-pong match of have/have not, happy/frustrated, in control/uncontrollable, and such.

Mahamudra, then, is the experience of the delight of existence – because one has created the perception of a mahamudra reality of life. One of the primary ways to bring happiness, harmony, and a beneficial reality to others. This enables one to  perceive all situations as the opportunity to do more of the same: make life better for others. This turns all situations into a play and a dance, and into the vantage point of awareness.

This is a mahamudra meditation.


Downloadable podcast: Intermediate: Mahamudra in-the-moment awareness

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