Join us for a Living Awareness Retreat

  You’ve been meditating with us online, now experience group meditation at our retreat center in Leyden, Massachusetts. Our summertime meditation retreat is called “In Silence.” We’re going to turn-down the outside noise, tune-in to every sight, sound, and taste of the first days of summer, and turn-on the senses… all six of them. This Living Awareness retreat … More Join us for a Living Awareness Retreat

Entry: Living Awareness – Day 1

  “I am a source of clear light.” Yes, clear light. Clarity is the result of clearing distortions away and clearing distortions away leads to awareness. Ultimately, the result of all meditation practices is an increase of awareness. There are many side-effects as well: mindfulness, peace, detachment, wonder, compassion, wisdom, well-being. The Practice of Living … More Entry: Living Awareness – Day 1

Entry: Soften, Open, Receive – Day 1

Step 4 of the Entry Level practice brings awareness to three powerful choices: softening, opening, and receiving. We begin with the breath. Though we receive  oxygen on every inhale… all day and all night, consciously or unconsciously, becoming intimate with this occurrence  creates powerful shifts toward being fully present in the moment. “We soften so as … More Entry: Soften, Open, Receive – Day 1

Entry: Flow – Day 3

May the benefits of meditation be starting to appear both on and off of the cushion. By this final meditation of Step 3 of the Practice of Living Awareness, it should be so. Repetition brings familiarity, familiarity brings ease, ease brings happiness… ah, now that’s a nice flow. Drift on… happy meditating!   Entry Level: Flow … More Entry: Flow – Day 3

Intermediate: Creating the habit of Awareness

Changing one habit for another is an ongoing human endeavor. The goal is to have the new habit be a better one, better determined by the benefits it provides. Transforming habitual patterns for in-the-moment Awareness and recognition is a process that can be powerful unto itself, however, the results are where the lasting benefits lie. … More Intermediate: Creating the habit of Awareness

Entry: Flow – Day 1

With the Daylight Savings change upon us, we are asked to establish a new flow in our immediate lives in relation to the sunrise and sunset. It can feel unsettling, which reveals just how important – and comforting – natural rhythms can be. May this first meditation of Week 3/Step 3 within the Entry Level Practice ease you into that one rhythm … More Entry: Flow – Day 1