Effortless Effort

In The Practice of Living Awareness, the experience of “settling” leads to everything else. That might seem obvious because it’s the first technique engaged, yet, let’s analyze what’s going on inside that minute or so.

  • A smile brings readiness and contentment to the moment.
  • A long slow deep breath potentially rivets one in Presence.
  • Add a quick assertion of asana. With that, the effort applied to subtle inner processes is recognized as having resulted in an immediate experience of effortlessness, focus, stability, and light.

Settling, then, is all of the above plus then the acuity of simply BEing such that the moment elongates. When all of this is in place – accomplished through the repetition at the beginning of each meditation – then meditation can mature.

cHRISTMAS aNGELOne of the latter foci within meditation is the inner subtle anatomy. The chakras are a primary aspect of that. We spend the majority of this meditation accomplishing the first part. Along the way, we are encouraged to take note in the silence of the richness that is coming from within. Then, with that stability and acuity, we engage the chakras along the central channel.

This meditation serves all level practitioners. It is a Step 12: Central Channel meditation.


Downloadable podcast: Entry: effortless effort

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