September Full Moon presentation and meditation

Astrological currents continue to push humanity to the newness of the New Age. This full moon, with its lunar eclipse and several retrograde planets, continue to hold humanity in the light of change, accountability, reality-check, and the question of wisdom. On a personal level, we, too, are held in these energies which provide clarity and … More September Full Moon presentation and meditation

August Full Moon meditation

After a short visual introduction, you are invited to click this link for the Full Moon Meditation.        August Full Moon Meditation The guided meditation aligns us through the heart of invocation and emanation, the ajna center of clarity and receptivity, and the crown center stretching through the highest dimensions of human Beingness. We invoke the … More August Full Moon meditation

The real reason to meditate

Most people begin a meditation practice with the intention of self-help or self-regulation of some kind. That’s positive and serves family, friends, work, and self. But there is a greater reason to learn to meditate and to increase one’s skill at it. Human beings are energy transmitters and receivers. The world is receiving new incoming … More The real reason to meditate