The real reason to meditate

Most people begin a meditation practice with the intention of self-help or self-regulation of some kind. That’s positive and serves family, friends, work, and self. But there is a greater reason to learn to meditate and to increase one’s skill at it. Human beings are energy transmitters and receivers.

The world is receiving new incoming energies at frequencies that are unprecedented. In part, this is due to the solar system’s movement regarding the galactic center. This measurable fact is creating great fluctuations in the Sun’s activity which causes solar emissions to pour out into our solar system. Both – the relation to the Milky Way’s center and the emanations of very high vibrational waves from the Sun – radiate into the Earth and all its life forms. Human beings, for all our infantile ways, are amazing beings and are capable of that which the animal, plant, and mineral are not. We can willingly and knowingly interact with energy, vibration, and changes in frequency. But the only way to knowingly do this is through the skill of meditation.

If you are reading this, you are a meditator of some level. Thank you. Please meditate more. Perfect your meditation practice. Encourage your friends and family to meditate. Donate to Spirit Fire if you use The Practice of Living Awareness to keep it viable and free every day.

Please know that your ability to meditate matters on a scale almost inconceivable.


Downloadable podcast: The real reason to meditate

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