Intermediate: Mani Stones

Imagine carving a mantra onto a stone: the care, time, patience, strength, and dedication that it would take. Now imagine carving many stone with the same mantra. Each being done while repeating the mantra prayerfully, intentionally. Then imagine painting each letter with a particular color because doing so and the color carried energy and meaning. … More Intermediate: Mani Stones

Intermediate: Padme – unfolding being

As mentioned before, mantra is about “protecting the mind.” Man comes from the manas = mind (as in sentient-intelligent nature), and tra = to protect. Manas and tra are Sanskrit words. The type of protection is not so much an armament or form of armor but is instead a cultivated habit of positivity and reality. … More Intermediate: Padme – unfolding being

Intermediate: Creator-Creation: OM

Mantra used in spiritual practice has many layers of meaning, significance, and purpose. This is quite effective, in that each person will be met with the amount of meaning, purpose, and understanding that he or she can use, make sense of, and integrate into his or her life. That will, in time, flawlessly open up … More Intermediate: Creator-Creation: OM

Intermediate: Protection (Man-tra)

The Sanskrit word mantra literally means mind protection or mind protector. Man comes from the manas meaning mind, but not simply discursive mind or appreciating mind, but the full capacity of Awareness. Protect is from tra. The protection inferred is non-militant and non-aggressive but is completely proactive. An analogy: If one knows that something is … More Intermediate: Protection (Man-tra)

Intermediate: Your vibration is sounding.

Science has recorded a sound, a vibration, that is sounding through space. Each planet has a sound or vibrational quality also. In fact, each star, galaxy, and – with clairaudience – each person emits a song, a sound, a vibration or set of vibrations. One could correctly say that you are sounding a mantra energetically … More Intermediate: Your vibration is sounding.